I have a XYZPrinting Da Vinci 1.0a printer that worked for a year but has stopped (for almost a year now). When I go to print something, with a design from my computer and the preinstalled options on the machine itself, the extruder and bed will move as they normally would but no filament is released. The machine also makes a popping sound while "printing".  
While printing the print bed permanently shifts closer to the front anywhere between 1mm to 1cm. Just now I cancelled a print that ended up laying filament behind the print in tangled messes. The 3m of wasted proprietary (and mildly overpriced) filament has spurred me into action.  
Oh where do I start....? Only yesterday was I moaning about the inconsistency of the Nobel 1.0A print output; https://www.instagram.com/p/BixSL4QH3Wt/?taken-by=druids_delights   And today it seems XYZ put a curse on me, I started another print in the same way I always have and then an hour into the print there were some pretty awful noises coming from the printer.
I am only printing ABS with one print head.  Everything was printing fine.  Last week I started a print and while printing the raft the printer said the filament was jammed and it cancelled the print.  It continued to print the raft before stopping and cancelling.  The filament is clearly not jammed as I've been able to restart the print and every time get about half way through the raft (which is
Hello all. Brand new here to 3d printing and have some questions. I currently use solidworks and sketchup pro for my  modeling software. I purchased a davinci jr 1.0 from a friend about 8 months ago and I have never used it because I didn't know how and I didn't know any modeling stuff at the time haha.
I am currently printing with an xyzprinting davinci 1.0 and it often messes up the print job on the first layer even with glue on the bed using ABS. I've tried printing ABS parts and they are so brittle, but I am locked down to ABS or PLA with this printer. I've read that nylon is better and not as brittle as ABS or PLA but can't use it.
Quick question by a newbie here struggling with a 'stringy first layer'.   Just getting started with my Mini.  My first print (A) was using the included masking tape coated with a layer of glue stick adhesive, resulting in a nice base layer.   Subsequent prints (B) used blue painters tape and the glue stick, but the bottom layer is not great.  Sidewalls are still fine (C).   Any idea how to fix?
When I try to load, unload or print with filament the extruder goes up to the desired temperature but then drops back down so that the filament is not melting.  This occurred after installing a replacement PLA filament and doing the most recent firmware update.  There was internet issues at the time of the installation of update.  
I got a Da Vinci mini 3D printer recently and I am very happy with the results. However, recently the printer has stopped functioning properly. The printer will print the first layer, and then immediately redo the purge and make a thudding or clicking noise. On the troubleshooting website, there were a couple of solutions, but after trying all of them multiple times, none of them would work.