Hatchbox 1.75 green pla on Xyz davinci Jr 1.0 pro
Hello, this printer is my first and im not too experienced with 3d printing. I found a large blob of filament jamming the extruder and after taking it apart and further inspecting it, it seems to be practically cemented to the nozzle. I will attach images below. I need help with safely removing the jam without damaging the extruder, which runs for about $70.
Hey folks, My siblings and I just got our first 3d printer for Christmas. The first few prints we did came out great, but now it won't work. A little filament comes out, but not enough to do the printing, and the spools don't move at all even after several minutes of "printing". The filament autoloads, but very slowly. I have: -cleaned the feeder gears with the provided brush and compressed air
Hi All, My XYZ Printing, da Vinci Mini 3D printer isn't working right, It started when my filament roll came off the side, and the filament came out of the little nozzle it is supposed to be attached to. I have tried re-attaching this to the nozzle, and it started up O.K, no warnings on the XYZMaker App I use.
Hi guys I have had my printer for about a month now and cannot get the print quality to improve. I have printed a temperature tower to try to fix the temp but it still doesn't seem to be right. On every print I get oozing and stringiness. I have set the same settings on my partners cr10 with the same filament and his comes out perfect. Any help would be appreciated thank you. Pla 200° BED 60