What is the best printer for $260 budget.

Hey guys I was wondering what is the best printer I could get for a budget of $260. I know it is not alot and I don't expect it to do much. I am ok with a smaller print area and it is fine if it only prints PLA. I have found some on Amazon and was wondering what you guys think. Thanks. 


Here is a list of some of the affordable printers which you can get under $260:


  • Wanhao Duplicator i3 Mini
  • FLSUN Ormerod Reprap 3D Printer Kit
  • FLSUN Kossel Delta Auto leveling
  • HE3D K200 Auto leveling Delta 3D Printer Kit
  • Anycubic Auto leveling Upgraded Kossel Delta
  • Anycubic Kossel Delta

You could get all these printers on ‘3D Printers Bay’ which is one of the leading online stores to get such equipment.


I've had a Monoprice Mini for a year and am very happy with it.

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