X banding?

Ok. Im at a loss. I have a monoprice mini select mini v2 an im having an issue wirh X banding. As in the filament won't stick to the plate or eachother when making a raft. I just get strands of filament. Its almost like there is a dip in the bed front to back. It lays down fine in the front and the back, just not the sides. Im using a glass bed, using a gluestick, and im about to just get rid of it cause i feel like ive tried everything. Hopefully someone here can help


Though metal, the bed is fairly thin and can warp up or down in the middle. Usually, adding glass plate will take care of it, but sometimes the warp is too great. In that case you can remove the bed and push down on the warp, maybe even clamp it down for an hour. That might fix it.


There's a guy on the Facebook group that sells replacement beds for a decent price, if all else fails.

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