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We have 6 printers.  When printing to one or all of them, the software shows them to be offline even though I can ping them and log into the web interface.    If I add them back, most of the time they will show online again.  Buy not always.    This is a problem because I cannot view, or stop the print remotely if there is a problem.    Any help is so GREATLY appreciated!!!!!
Hello. I just bought a PROJET 4500 but I am missing the software to control it. On the manual it`s written it needs 3DPRINT ver.  1.04, but I cannot find it on the Support page of 3D SYSTEMS. I tried with 3DPRINT 1.03 but it doesn`t recognize the printer.   Anyone can upload or send me the ver. 1.04?   I thank you in advance.   Gio
Hi all,   I've had several orders which either me or the customer cancelled with a valid reason: "customer isn't interested anymore". Which is fine by me, this can happen because of a number of reasons.   The problem I found is, it impacts the "Weighted completion rate" metric on the dashboard. My percentage rate is going down. Today for example, because yesterday a customer cancelled the order.
Hello! I'm looking into 3D printing some Mercy wings and staff (just the top) for cosplay. Most sights were giving me over 100 dollars for one sing feather of her wings. The whole thing was going to cost over 1,000 dollars if I stayed with that company. Can anyone help me get a better idea of how much this may cost? Thank you!! I attached some pictures of what the wings should look like below!
About half way through a print the extruder suddenly travels in a straight line past the build plate. When it gets to the end of the guide rails it wants to keep going and it grinds loudly. The only thing that stops it is to turn off the printer with the power switch. This has happened three times with the same project at the exact same time into the project. Looking for options to try.
just a "brainfart" i had, but it could be usefull with a plugin that lets me tell what order on 3dhubs i'm printing on my machine   this could let the next customer know when they could expect me to start an order if i have multiple machines (which  i will after summer) i could choose to let the plugin take the printer offline during the print
I may buy a 3d printer, but I have some daults if it is possible to print a wheel to my plastic Meccano. The size of the wheel is 56 mm (2.2 inch) in diameter. I went to a nearby sience center and they have a 3D scanner, but they told me that they could not do it. Here is some pictures of the wheel.    
I have a MP Maker Select v2. I have had good success with it since last summer.    Recently, the printer has stopped extruding early in the print. Often leading to a clog requiring me to tear it apart.    When i print with a raft, the raft goes down perfectly. No problems. But the problems usually start on the very first layer. Before long, filament stops extruding all together.   
Hello, I am trying to decide between the two series of printers. How are the printers compared with each other in terms of: reliability, quality of prints and services from the manufacturers? Since there are expensive printers especially the Raise3D's, do I have to worry that I will not get support in case the printer breaks and the manufacturers run out of business?  
Ive just bought a new Duplicator D6 which seems a very nice machine except I cant print to it. I leveled the bed (Ive used auto level, manual script, manual with xy motors disconnected and all seems fine - until i start to print) then it buries the nozzle into the bed. So disappointing. It seems to level correctly - but as soon as I load a sliced model that's it - crash.