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I have Ubuntu 16.04 Mate running on my desktop & laptop. I have a replicator 2, Sailfish firmware. I no longer use Makerware because of a white square that sits on the screen when I open the app. I installed Flash Forge print app, and get the same thing. Needless to say, I can't get either to connect to the printer anymore. Presumably this white square is some sort of setup window.
brought this printer from ebay,has given me a massive head ache!does anyone know were i can get the sd card driver software that is loaded onto the card when it comes in the box??i have looked all over the net and even asked the sellers on ebay for there help and none of them want to help or just cant because they know there is no point ?reason i want the drivers is mine just wont recignize the sd
I have been assembling this printer for 2 weeks now and then ran into problem with Marlin firmaware or lcd screen itself. First having problems with usb chip drivers arduino not finding any ports alive I sorted that out. So i have successfully sended Marlin 1.1.8 firmware to printer, but all I get from screen is full of white boxes and push knob gives no response to anything.
octo on pi3:ok. Camera on octo:ok. I can connect with browser. When i connect my octo to printer via usb: ok. Then I send gcode to octo with s3d and it beeps very loud, it does not start to print,... it tells me that printer has reset and it just shows creality on display. Without octo the printer prints just fine.  Has anyone some suggestions I can try yo make octo work?  Many thanks.  Bere. 
TronXy X5. White PLA
Hi to all on the forum. I've had a 3D printer for a while but still consider myself a newbie. I've been luvin this printer & have even used it to print parts for a new CNC router I'm building. My printer is a TronXy X5 that I have upgraded with extra linear bearings on the Z axis. I am curious about one thing though, the wavy lines that appear on straight sections on the X axis.
 I'm in the process of setting up my new A8 printer and trying to figure out the x axis home problem I encountered. On the display screen I went to position and told it to home x axis. It goes to the right and slams against the drive carriage mount and keeps buzzing till I pull the power plug to the printer. Limit switch is in the opposite direction.