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Hello, I plan to buy a large volume 3D printer to use at home. Brand has not determined yet but most likely Raise3D N2+, Afinia H800+ (Up Box+) or Ultimaker 3 Extended. I read that even when printing using PLA, some kind of toxic particles are generated which could cause cancer. Any user has done anything to filter out those toxic particles? Pictures showing the setup would be nice.  
About an hour into a 5.5 hour print the Flashforge Creator Pro stops extruding material, but it still moves like it is still extruding. I doubt it is a jam because if we cancel and start the print again it will start to extrude then stop around an hour in. The extruder temp is 220 C' and I am printing with PLA plastic... 
Hi,  I'm currently a student at London College of Fashion, we have 3D printers, however, I'm not sure about the logistics and if they would even allow me to use this material on the printers. I was wondering if any of you would know where I could have a design printed in the 60 LAYFOMM as a couple of one-off pieces?    Best,  Lucy
Hey guys, I'm new here. I got an Anet 8 a couple of weeks ago. I'm thinking of adding a sheet of glass to the bed. I would like to know from those who are printing with a glass bed if the extra weigh has caused some ghosting or extra vibrations in their machines. Thank you.
PLA on Prusa
I've included 3 pictures. After printing 17 mm or so correctly, something happened to cause this print to fail. It looks like the whole print is getting shifted a few centimeters to the right and forward, then it prints a few layers, and the print shifts again.   I'd appreciate any help in understanding this error. Thanks in advance.
I am in the middle of setting up my very first 3d printer(a pursa i3 mk 2 i think), I have no real idea what I am doing, and I followed the instructions exactly but whenever I try to home any of the axes it goes the opposite direction and continues to hit the wall and on top of all of that the z-axis won't move at all.