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Hello all, Just as the subject says, my rafts are automatically connecting and it's driving me nuts!   Makerbot print updated itself not too long ago and it seems to be automatically connecting rafts when I don't want them to. I used to be able to separate my parts to assist with lifting issues. Instead, the software is making some strange connections as you can see in the picture.   
Hi, i try to work with 3D Hubs, but i don't have any answer yet from two months ago. I compiled the format to work (found in a talk there), but nothing happened. How can i try to do?   Salve, ho provato a lavorare come azienda/maker qui su 3D Hubs, ma sono due mesi che ho compilato il format che ho trovato qui in una talk, senza ricevere nessuna risposta. Cosa posso fare per iniziare?  
broken print 1
Hi. I have some problem with my Ender 2 printer.   It was working fine and "broke" in the middle of a print, and then it print badly. I dont knew how to make it work. what I did: bed leveling, clear nozzle, check screw   When I push filament by force or by setting: push extruder it push fine, but in normal print its not working.    
3D and CNC
Name is Obi and I am a student at Binghamton Univ, but I live in NYC. I am studying the sciences here in Bing, but a engineer by hobby. I am here today because I am working on a developing an perennial project for the next generation.But I have very limited access to resources, that will allow me full capabilities. So with proper expertise I am 100% positive I can work towards full development. 
Two Questions:   1) I have 3D coin that I'd like printed and the design made coin standing up in the project file. When I upload files have the image 3D printed, is it easy for the studio or the machine to change the orientation of the file so the coin is on it's back when getting printed? I'm guessing the object being on it's back would help for a better print.  
Hi everyone,  I got 2 days ago my new TEVO TORNADO,  And I still trying to make 3d prints in good quality but I have some issues that I don't know the reason for that.  I would like if someone knows the solution to my problems.     1. While I start printing after few layers of printing the product start go up and disconnect from the Heating bed - that make the product up and very bad printing.   
Hi! I posted about this earlier. But it died down. So I'm making a new thread.   Symptoms. The printer keeps drifting to the left when you print, making for weird slanted prints. (It's a gradual slope. Not steps.) It used to not home properly also. But that managed to be fixed by updating to Sailfish?   What I tried: - Replaced the Stepper Feed wire and the X-Axis stopper. - Updated the firmware.
Hello, I'm trying to change a few things on my hub and I'm struggling. I'd like to change the name, the top banner photo, and the sample photos, however there isn't the option to do that when you edit the account. Where can I go to change these items?
Hey guys do you know why I cant send any commands (like print, edit .ini file, etc) and just read status (or log report, print head, etc) via serial cable. In the image says NET .INI FAILED.. Before turning off it was working perfectly! The ERROR light is turned on and pressing ONLINE doesnt do anything.. PLEASEE HELP MEEE