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Hello guys, i know this question is little bit crazy. I need to colour/dye the sup705 for particular reason. I know probably you would say that its not recommended at all, however i need to do it somehow. What pigments/dyes/inks would you use to do it and how would you proceed with it? The machine is objet eden 260vs. I know there are some people that do that/know how to do that.  
Hello. So I am quite new to 3d printing as I just got my Anet a8 about two months ago. Everything has been relatively fine since then until now. Out of nowhere my prints are all starting in the lower left corner and going left until it hits the x end stop. I've tried changing the GCODE and setting the origin manually on the print but still nothing. Any ideas?
Hi I need some help please I’m trying to go from a single filament to to 2 filament mixer nozzle I have it set up on the printer but what do I need to change in the settings to get to work do I need to go into the firmware to get it to work or is it just in repetier as I have not got any idea what to do with going into the firmware of someone can help with this It will be much appreciated thanks
Hi,   I almost started grieving when my Anet A8 stopped working, I missed it so much! The extruder doesn't seem to be able to push the filament through (please see this video the cog just 'bounces' to and fro very slightly.   So far, have: Turned up the extruder tension. No change Swapped the motor wire for the Y-axis and moved the Y-axis. No change.
Hello there.  I'm still really new to 3d printing and I have a question about the Maker Ultimate for anyone who has that model.  I'm specifically asking about the initialization process when I start a print.  The printer will heat up the hotend and then move the bed up to the starting position.  When this happens, the print bed actually presses into the hotend for a few seconds before lowering aga