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I am using my cr-10 and having very interesting results. I am having awful prints with scattered holes in them. I try to print at 100 percent infil and prints still look like a sponge. U can break prints effortlessly. At first I thought it was a major filament jam, but I do not thing so. That leaves with the extruder? Please let me know! I am out of ideas
I have a question about the process used by tyler on youtube. If the printer has max z height it can reach so by adding a thick glass on the bed and using the printed part to adjust the bed inside the monoprice doesnt it decrease the zaxis height you can print in since you added a layer when the max height stays the same. Am i making any sense or someone can help me out understand it correctly.
I have been using my Dreamer for over two years, printing all kinds of objects very successfully, from Starwar helmets to clocks to replacement window handles. I use exclusively PLA with a heated glass bed and 3dLac spray (highly recommended, never a problem with adhesion or release). However, I have now hit a big problem that I can't seem to resolve.
Wow, I'm batting a thousand here in trying to perform even the simplest maintenance or upgrades for my Wanhao i3... Anyway, last time I used my printer the PLA had jammed and oozed all over my heating block. It got everywhere, including over the very fragile wires of the thermistor, and even UNDER the tape of all things.
Hello   I'm planning to get a new 3D printer for our company (modelling services for entrepreneurs). I've come across this ProJet printer. Could anyone explain what are the differences between those two models? would I be getting the same performance for ProJet 2500 + upgrade kit comparing to ProJet 2500 Plus? please advise  
Hello,  I´m a spanish owner of a Zcorp 310 printer than I´did not use for a long time. Some weeks ago, I tried to start the machine, but it didn´t worked. There was no current on the computer. I replaced the power supplier for one equivalent, but now when I try to start the machine looks like there are not a valid operative system. The system don´t start and I could not see the usual screen.