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I have had an Anet 3d printer for a few months now and have made steady progress learning with pla how to get a good consistent print.   I have seen many 'kit's to add auto levelling capability.   My question is: how do these work ?..  
Don't know how to fix this
So. I recently bought my Anet E12. but somehow I print some 3D. it suddenly make crash sound. so my Extruder hit print bed and making mess everything. I stop the process   And I hit Auto home. I realized that. the Nozzle more below than the printing bed. Even I already tighten the spring bed to the lowest.   I already check the structure body. nothing bad. but I don't know how to fix this      
Hello just ordered my tevo tarantula with dual extruder the larger heated bed upgrade and the dual z axis upgrade, this will be my first build ever and I'm looking for any pointers here. I would like to know if I should go ahead and get a glass bed and a pei sheet? I already have a friend printing out the upgraded bed support from thingiverse along with the fan and the top brackets.
I have a Zortax M200 3D printer. Currently I encounter a problem, the problem is the printer gives output as a same size of the input materials. After sometime, the output will stop and the only motor is running with out releasing the materials?? Does any one suggest me how to solve this problem??if, that will be great for methanking....
I have either an Instone printer,or an Aladdin Skycube 3d printer,it is an unbranded version but looks like them. Anyway,I can only print the files that came on the SD card. I have tried 3 different slicers but still the prints I download all look horrible. I do not have a data cable to hook it up to the printer. I am frustrated and disappointed. What to do? Any help would be appreciated.