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Hi, I recently ordered a Prusa mk3 printer, with the TXT (double-sided textured powder-coated) sheet, as appose to the default PEI (powder coated) sheets. Unfortunately, Prusa emailed me, about extensive manufacturing delays for the TXT, offering me to get the PEI instead, for a much quicker shipping time. 
Hi, I'm totaly new to 3D modeling and printing so please forgive my weird questions :-) I need to print a fin for a stand up paddleboard I'm using for river running, it has to be very tough as it will be strongly shocked and slided on rocks. What material should I use? ABS or nylon looks to be the choices? Plus I wonder if 3D printing is "full material" or hollow?Thank you!
I recently bought a Tevo kit, and I finished building it a few days ago. I've had no luck with turning it on, I have everything plugged in properly and there's no power going to the board. When I plug in the PSU, it has a green light turn on and I can hear the fan, but there is no sign of power on the board itself. I've bought and installed wire connectors to everything.
Hello makers   I work in an Industrial design firm in Sydney Australia and we have a mini 3D printing farm. We have 5 Guider II and 1 Guider IIS, I am having trouble with the Guider II when updating the firmware.   When i try to update via the WIFI, it gives the same message no matter if I change the WIFI source, "something went wrong with the network, try again later"  
This morning, I switched my Select Mini V2 on.  After initial power-up, I get the usual "Print"-"Monitor"-"Move" screen, but within a few seconds "V37.115.2" pops up at the bottom of the display and everything freezes up.   I'm relatively new to this and would appreciate any assistance/advice on how to remedy this condition.   Thanks, Brian
Hi,   I recently needed to update my Marlin software on my Delta printer. But impossible to tranfer the firmware because I get an error (see picture) and I don't understand why because it is the same file than before. I only changed my Z Max value.   here is the error Log :