-$200 3d printer


I want to buy a 3d printer “for test some new waters”… as I don’t know if what I want will return my money, I want to buy a sub $200 one.

I have read a loot, and look a loot of videos too, my 2 main options are the Tevo Tarantula and the Anet A8. I really love the aluminium frame on the Tarantula, but I think the dual z axis and the dual rail bed support make’s me want the Anet… I know the Anet electrical faults! but as the Anet is cheaper, I could buy a new power supply.

I just want something that print’s out of the box (after the assembly part!)… so the question is, what do you guys recommend? or is there another 200 or -300 printer out there that you recommend??