To our 3D Hubs community,

Over the past 5 years the Talk online 3D printing community has grown a lot. In fact, we have grown so much that we have completely outgrown our current forum tool. That’s why we’ve decided to move to a smarter, more intuitive, more feature-rich, and more scalable system powered by the open-source forum management tool: Discourse.

While we’re doing this migration we’re going to be (finally) cleaning up a lot of the spam comments and threads. With the new tool we’ll benefit a lot from much more sophisticated spam prevention, which is arguably the most requested feature by our users, especially after the previous spam prevention tool we used, mollom, went out of business earlier this year.

Along with this migration to the new platform comes a host of great new features to help improve how we all use Talk. This includes a more organized category and tag structure, along with badges (that’s right, badges are coming back) and the ability to have community moderators in the future.

Now that we also offer CNC Machining and Injection Molding, we’ll also have a place to have discussions related to these manufacturing technologies in addition to 3D Printing, 3D Modeling, and more!

Finally, going forward I’ll be the dedicated 3D Hubs team member for growing and moderating Talk. Some of you may recognize me; I’ve been with 3D Hubs since 2016, first as a Hub and for the last year as part of the support team.

Starting this coming Monday, the old Talk platform will be in read-only move while we complete the full move to Discourse.

We hope you’re excited for this new move as we are!


Maddie and the 3D Hubs Team


Thats great that improvements are happening but I consider discourse the same as facebook, not good. Requires an account to look at and the useful information is not searchable by google and such. So if someone is trying to fix an issue they will likely never find the helpful information.


Hi @keebie81, thank you for your comment! We feel it’s important to keep Talk an open platform. Unlike Facebook, we will not require an account to view information. We optimized the new Talk platform so search engines, like Google, will continue to be able to find all the helpful information. To make the migration easier we will redirect all old Talk links to the new Talk platform, therefore any bookmarks you made will also keep on working.


Thanks for the reply. I looked at it more and it appears I got Discourse confused with Discord. Too many products with similar names and goals. My apologies. Another site I visit uses Discourse and it appears to work well.


I assume there will be a link on this site to take us to the new area>

Good to hear you’ve got good experiences with it @keebie81!

We should be over and running tomorrow… exciting :slight_smile:


Welcome to the new home of Talk! We’re experiencing some issues with thumbnail generation of avatars. Avatars might not show for the remainder of the day but they wil show up automitically, you don’t have to take any action for them to work.

Cheers and enjoy! :tada:

Can we have a link from the Talk section back to “My Orders”, etc.? I used to switch between Talk and my Hub details/orders all the time, now there doesn’t seem to be any way “back” into 3DHubs from the Talk area.

Hey @cobnut! Good point, this is still on the list of improvements we have in store for the new Talk. We believe the current situation is already a big improvement over what Talk used to be so we chose to release it without some things that would make your and our life even easier!

For now it might help to open the regular website and talk in separate tabs :smile:


Any plans for a section focused on 3D Scanning? Just curious…

Yup, it’s a subcategory within the CAD category:

Thanks Maddie :grinning: