3DHubs Perks not available anymore?



I wanted to order some filament from Colorfabb a few days ago and noticed that I couldn’t find the perks under the Tools tab of my hub anymore. Can anyone confirm?


Looks like they did away with it. The Colorfabb discount went away the other week. Looks like the filabot discount is now gone also along with the page


All viable perks have expired, so the perk page is currently disabled until they are able to get some new ones worked out.


Hi there,

Just wanted to let you know that of our Project Managers made a comment explaining this further in another thread as well: https://www.3dhubs.com/talk/thread/why-colorfabb-stopping-discounts-hubs


Maddie - 3D Hubs


You’d think they’d send a message out or changelog at least so that we know when things are gone…