A8 ANET Driving me mad..... Any help please




Im hoping this is the right place to get some help.

Im a total noob to 3D printing, i have about 15 years IT experience and can decipher most technical things but this is twisting my mellon…

I built my A8 over the Christmas period and got it assembled and all fired up.

Thats when i noticed some odd things happening.

Whenever i would select home the Extruder assembly would smash into the left hand side stopper (where the motor is location) and make this awful juddering noise. I haven’t been able to solve that problem. I did read that wires could be connected wrongly so i tried that an now it doesn’t move.

Second problem i had was when it was work it was smashing into the left and then it would go down the threaded rods to its home position. the left hand rod Z Motor which as has the stopper switch which would stop the left hand side going down and lower, but the right hand side Z Motor would carry on.

So so far the only thing that seems to work ok is the hotbed.

I would love to use this printer as i have some things i would really love to build but this is frustrating me like mad. I have followed various YouTube videos and am genuinely not sure what to do next.

Any ideas?