Hello i hope somebody will reply to this , i just wan to ask if what is better Cura or Slic3r?

as long as you don’t use the latest Cura version (new interface and massively Beta),

I think both have pro’s and con’s, and most will advise to use the one they are comfortable to work with,

best would be to learn to work with both :slight_smile:

I work with Cura, and gives me the easiest way to get my object printed, and the settings are very clear, but sometimes support is a little finicky to get right, and rotating the object just a fraction sometimes solves this.

what is the difference between the new cura sir Xeno? And What version of Cura software will you prefer?

Thank You :slight_smile:

I use Cura 15.04, and has still the older interface:


and this is the later Cura:


There is nothing wrong with the new interface, but they totally rebuild the Cura engine, and now there a lot of options missing or not working properly.

Hi Xeno Sorry For the late reply

I try using cura but i dont get the better layer finish , And also i have problem in retraction

Can you suggest some particular settings that can help me. I will really appreciated it

Thank You