Hi I am new to the 3D Printing world and I am trying to decide on which one to get, my goal is to be able to print toys for my 1yr old. At first I though I would just get a SLA printer but with different materials like TPU, Resin, ABS etc I am not sure which way to go.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

None. 3d printed toys are not baby suitable. They will be putting them in to their mouth and parts break easily. Buy safe toys that are already tested and available at the store.

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In addition to @keebie81’s comments about parts breaking, SLA prints (resins) are not food safe at all and this should not be attempted.

It does sound like a cute idea to be able to make custom toys for your little ones, unfortunately this poses more hazards than it’s worth and I can’t recommend this.

Just came across this topic.

I have a now almost 2 year old son and have already printed quite a bit of toys for him of my own design. Mainly some toy cars (in PETG and PLA) and a walking bike.
I’ve put a number of the earlier design on Thingiverse, like these:

One thing though, you should not make any parts too small and delicate. My son is able to destroy anything that’s not really strong. That goes not only for the things I’ve made but also about 80% of all the toys he got, so even the factory made stuff often does not last long :slight_smile:

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Thanks @TypeR that’s the info I was looking for.

Well. I use PLA to print toys for my kids. I started printing toys for them when they was 2&4 and still after 2 years they still have the toys in their collection.

I recommend printed toys for babies 2+ years as some parts my break and can harm

even I have A 3D printer by which I make DIYs and for my kid I also made some toys but after realising that the material which is making the toy is not safe I stopped it and went to buy some soft toys from market but now as he is 3 years old and love to have superhero series,I 3d print them for him.

Point to be noted. Safety first comes regarding babies .

For printing 3D toys for your toddlers, you can use almost any kind of 3D printer. However, when it comes to 3D printing materials, you cannot take a chance with all of these and need to use only food-safe materials as almost all the babies put toys in their mouth.

You can use PLA and PETG which are food-safe products. Plus, you can order these printing materials and 3D printers online from a 3D printer store such as ‘3D Printers Bay’.