Clairification on new changelog update.


Glad this date of payment & order deadline issue is finally being addressed but I’m a little confused about the new system.

“The deadline is pushed one day forward every 24 hours in awaiting payment.”
So I accept an order in the evening and the customer waits 23 hours to pay, the deadline doesn’t change? If so, I think most hubs would agree that this is not a fix at all. That still cuts a 2-day quote in half if I lose 23 hours.


It would be beneficial to add a deadline to pay by. This deadline can be set by the hub. Any payment received after the time set would be add 1 day to the deadline. Something similar can be done for orders too so the response time doesn’t jump just because of a late night order.


Personally, I have no use for a “deadline to pay”. It doesn’t really matter to me when they pay as long as I have enough time to complete the order.

This doesn’t have to be complicated. All they have to do is start the clock at the time of payment instead of the time the order is accepted. That’s what hubs have been asking for over a year and it’s pretty simple so I don’t understand the reasoning for this current system.


Hi @MindFuLL,

The way it works is that the deadline moves 1 day, 24 hours after the order was placed, regardless of what time a day it is. You could indeed think of a scenario where you potentially lose 23 hours, since the window technically is 23 hours and 59 minutes and 59 seconds.

We do however encourage your customer to immediately pay, in order to make the advertised deadline. W also tell them the deadline will move backward when they choose to postpone the payment.

This implementation is the closest to ‘deadline starts after payment’ we can get at this point.


Thank you for your response.

You’re saying that you cannot start the deadline from time of payment? Obviously, this cannot be a technical issue because it’s so simple so I’m curious why this cannot be done. Seems like you guys have taken a simple problem with a very simple solution and made the problem more complicated without solving it. Am I missing something?



It would be entertaining if an order that takes thousands of hours to print was given a longer deadline than an order that takes 30 minutes. Progress is progress though.