I am looking for somebody with a mill, with or without CNC, to modify a drill fixture. The fixture is homemade and holds an irregular shaped object. All was well until a few holes were moved and my
attempt to modify the fixture failed. I need somebody who, at a minimum, can make me a 1" x 2" jig plate with 4 drill bushings, three #27 and one #2. That will get me going again while we talk about a new drill fixture. I am located in San Juan Capistrano, CA, and the service does not have to be local. More info, files, and photos available. thank you. Ron


I can help you out send me your info.


Have you thought about 3d Printing a jig and inserting steel drill bushings?

Hi, would you like to drill the hole with new plate or just modify the old plate? We can provide the CNC in Hong Kong, please feel free to contact us.

E-mail: proeng@finetech.com.hk
Please send me the details.

I am in Corona CA…I can help. bg.cemms@gmail

Hi Brad, I will gather up the info and should have it to you tomorrow. Thank you for responding.


No I have not and that is a great idea I will start looking into. Thank you. Ron

Hi, Drilling the holes and pressing in drill bushings on a new plate is what I had in mind. I will put together some information and contact you shortly. Thank you. Ron

HI, I will put together some information and contact you shortly. Thank you. Ron

Yeah, if you want something 3d Printed let me know, currently can only print about 8.5x8.5x8.5. I have 3d printed a drill guide with some complex curves to locate holes a complex surface, works amazing.

Good Morning Brad, I have info ready. My first time here, do I use the upload button to attach files?


I sent the info to 3DPRINTATX on 11/15 6pm. Did you receive it?


I’m still here if you don’t get a responce from Brad.

( bg.cemms@gmail )

Got it! Email sent.

Hi Bob,
I sent you some information this morning and it did not get through. Is there an alternative email address? Ron
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Bob, if you are still interested, let me know how to get the info to you. That email has a problem. Ron

Brad, I never heard from you. At a minimum, I need a small jig plate with 4 drill bushings. That would get me going. The other stuff was so we could talk about a new fixture from scratch. Ron

Ron, try sending to “bobgerman at live dot com” bobgerman@live.com

done 3:15pm
Please let me know if you want to help me. We can talk on phone or I can send a few more details.