Cubicon Single reviews?



Wondering how the Cubicon single printer is holding up. Weighing getting this printer verse Zortrax M200. Any thoughts ?


I bought the cubicon style as my first 3d printer and i’m very happy of the results!!! Ofcourse I don’t know how the other printers are but the self levelling print bed, heated chamber and print bed make it much easier to print…


I have two Cubicon Singles, been running them 24 hours 7 days a week for nearly 6 months, very few problems. Certainly nothing compared to my other printers. Get the Simplify3D factory files and all is good, although their slicer is quite good. They just work and you aren’t locked into “special” filaments like the Zortrax… My only gripe is I would like a bigger build volume and the option to by hardened nozzles but these are minor complaints.


Ok. How’s the print quality. I heard then Zortrax print quality is awesome.

Also, how is the print failure rate?


I’m liking the Cubicon single but I wonder how the print compares to the Zortrax M200. Anyone seen both prints and let me know. I like the cubicon heated bed design as well.


Print quality is excellent,details are exceptional, best I have seen, I have not seen the zortrax to compare the quality of the print though. Could not fault the print quality. Print failure is very low, only my own mistakes rather than the machine. Love the bed, parts just lift off no prying or painful perforated boards, also not locked into buying a particular filament.


How long have you had the printer ? Any service issues ?

i noticed you have an Upbox as well, how does quality compare to that and your other printers.

Its weird that I don’t see many comments or info about cubicon anywhere.


I bought the cubicon because I saw him on the drupa 06 @ dusseldorf. I bought it from amr europe in the netherlands. I also think its strange that you dont find many reviews or youtube films over the cubicon style. Makers muse did 1 review over the cub. single and Angus was very enthousiastic about it… I even think I cant upload pics on 3dhubs because I cant choose the correct printer. Cubicon style…


Would any be able to send detail pics of a cubicon single prints to me via email.


I have had the cubicons for 6 months and the only service issue was with a board in the print head that connects the exchangeable printer head to the carriage. The little pogo pins got stuck and wouldn’t detect properly. The local rep sent out a new board and it was easily changed out.

I had a upbox but it was too painful to use. The print quality was pretty much the same as the cubicons but it took twice as long to print the same item and failed more often than it printed. It was another closed ecosystem and locked down slicer which I am not a fan of.

It it is strange you don’t see too many comments about it, it is a great printer, there are a few more reviews of the cubicons style 3D printing nerd did a good review. Pretty much same goes for the single only with actively heated chamber I think.


Great info. Looks like I should go with the Cubicon Single.

How does PLA and other materials print on it ?

any chance posting close up shots of a print done in 100 micron layers ?

Thanks so much ! Where did I but it from.


I will post a picture for you. They are both busy doing prints for customers at the moment, once there is a break I will do one for you. I print mostly in ABS and PLA, no issues with either, you do need to use a raft for smaller items, but the raft pulls away cleanly so not usually an issue.


Awesome. Thank so much for info and help. So many choices out there it’s confusing. Once I purchase mine I’m sure I’ll need some help from ya. Did you purchase your from imakr ?


No Problem. Always happy to help. I am in OZ so I got mine form an Australian based retailer. The filament that cubicon recommend other than their own is esun. I can recommend this filament as well. It works a treat.


Any chance posting detail some pic of a Cubicon single print done at 100 m?


Hi, Sorry for the delay, the printers have been very busy. Will print something over night for you and will post a picture tomorrow for you. cheers Kerry


Hi Attached is a Marvin in HIPS at 0.15. I did one in colourfabb xt clear but it is very hard to take a photo of. Will have to try another colour.


Awesome. Thanks !

quality looks great too!


Hi Kerry,

Are you saying you use simplify3d on your Cubicon Single? I thought it had its own proprietary software?


They do have their own slicer but also on their website they released the factory file for simplify3d. I use both depending on the model. Simplify3d does much better support structures. Will look at the website tonight and post link to the page if you like. Cheers