Hi guys I’m hoping someone can help me.

I have an object in Meshmixer which I hollowed. I would then like to cut 4mm from the bottom of the object. However, the “make slices” doesn’t work properly, so I used “plane cut” which worked perfectly, except that I couldn’t measure that it was exactly 4mm from the bottom.

Is there any way to do this? Appreciate any help, thanks.

This is still partly eyeball adjustment, but likely to be at pixel resolution. These steps imply a horizontal plane placed with reference to the zero alignment of both the object and the viewport.

For my test:

I loaded the wabbit and added a plane (Meshmixer, Plane, Accept)

Edit, Align, Accept to place the plane on the origin.

Edit, Transform, Translate Y, 4mm, Accept to move the “reference plane” to the desired height. You may have to use Z depending on your settings.

Select your desired object from the object browser or click on it. If you forget this step, the following steps will crash Meshmixer

Edit, Plane Cut

Use translate tool to match “zero thickness” cut plane to “zero thickness” reference plane and apply.

Depending on what you really need and the slicer you use. In S3D you can lower the print into the table to chop off the bottom part or make it so it won’t print. Very useful for testing if you want to just start at a certain point above the bottom and then print up only a bit.

Netfabb Basic will do the job.
and if you use Cura, you can also cut the bottom of the model:

Use windows 10 built in 3d builder for such an easy task works perfectly. Also most slicers (Cura, S3D) have this option built in.