I have a couple of builds that won’t possibly fit on the bed. Is there any decent software out there to cut it 2 or 3 ways?

simplify3d is a solution.

you can determine where to start and where to end your print.

exept for the fact that this does not create a propper connection for you individual parts.

better is to create your part directly sections.

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3D Builder, native in Windows 8 onwards does the job simply and for free.


I use the split tool in solidworks that lets you split a part as much as you want, but that might not be a free solution unless you get a trial or student version. I would think that any CAD software would have a similar tool though

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The best solution I have found is to import the STL into Tinkercad.com. Once it’s there, I usually copy and paste a second copy of the part. I then create a huge cube to be placed over the part that I want gone and subtract it from the model with the hole - join feature. I do this for both copies if the part than place them at 0.00 on the XY plane wherever I would like them to be laid out on the build plate. Download this new file for 3D printing and you’re good to go! I realized while typing this that it seems quite complicated… but it’s not. I’d be happy to create a tutorial video if anyone is interested. Jared


I would love to see a video.

I’m trying to work out how to build functional parts that are large also…

Screw together, bolt together, slide in place/lock down, poppit connectors. There has got to be a science already here that I don’t know about. (duh!)

There are all sorts of requirements that could be listed and then selected out of a table for use.

Lots of solid space both parts, constrain radial (degrees/force), surface areas, joint type, adhesives.

Slic3r (aka slow) has the ability to slice parts during build plate layout. I haven’t figured it all out yet since I usually have

gcode and not stl when at the printer and I always use Cura…

Me too :slight_smile:

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I should have a tutorial video posted within the hour. Stay tuned…

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Here it be! Hope this helps. I apologize for the crappy audio, as I was just recording from my laptop. :slight_smile: