Designing software fot qidi tech 1



Hello, I was wondering If anybody could suggest a program thats compatible with the qiditech1 that lets you design your own prints? I downloaded the makerware, and qidiprint software but it seems I could only upload existing prints. Im really new to this, and would really appreciate some advice. Thanks for your time, and patience.


Simplify3d is $150. and it is awesome!!! If you want to buy simplify3d they have stock profiles that will have you up and running in no time flat.

Cura I hear is awesome and it is free! With a huge user base. also I would find a good 3d hangout on FaceBook as well and plenty of people will be more than happy to share printing advice with you. I LOVE my Qidi tech I it is a very reliable machine after you put a 1,000 hours or get really comfortable with it you can easily upgrade it with minimal parts to print tpu reliably as well :wink: It is just an awesome machine… make sure also to keep that mean machine lubed :slight_smile: you bought an awesome machine!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: : )


@Iceman24k awesome! Thank you so much. I will definitely check those out.


Either Iceman24k is misunderstanding your question or I am. If you’re looking to create your own 3d models and print them, Makerware, Cura and Simplify3d are only gonna get you the tail end of what you’re asking. If you need something to model NEW objects with, you’ll have to look elsewhere, but the good news is that there are tons of options. Most 3d modeling programs have some sort of STL file export options. Some even have 3d printing optimizers built in, but they won’t be able to send the print directly to your printer, you’ll still need to load that model into whichever slicer (makerware for example) before it can be printed.

If you’re new to 3d modeling and a windows user, tr 3D Builder. It comes with the latest OS and is really straight forward to use, especially if you’re looking to create toys or little trinkets that don’t need super refined details. If you’re more familiar with modeling (or more adventurous) I’d recommend Blender ( Another freebie, but super powerful. It’s a full blown 3d modeling, animation and rendering software suite that’s open source. A free plug-in for the modeling software will help to optimize any model you want to 3d print and identify problem areas before exporting the file, which you would then load into your slicer. Fair warning though, most 3d modeling packages have a bit of a learning curve, so don’t expect to be modeling and printing that 3 headed dragon sculpture in a day.

There are plenty of others too. Everything from Maya to 3DSMax to web based modelors like Autodesk’s Tinkercad ( will all have options for you.


@jedimasta thank you I will definitely check all those out. I messed around with tinkercad, and its awesome. Yes, I am a complete noob, lol. This is my first printer, and I tried to do the test print that came on the sd, and the extruder started scraping on the model. I think I had I had it to close when I leveled the bed. Im kinda getting discouraged, but I will not give up.?


Thank You! Hang in there and please don’t afraid to walk away for a few minutes lol :wink: :slight_smile:

I had a heck of time starting out! and to top it off had some bad filament to start with.

The bed leveling is Super important, I really like the piece of plastic that comes with the qidi tech for leveling, but I find that a standard cheap piece of copy paper works just fine as well. The bed leveling and temperature are super super important. bed leveling being #1 and a pain to perfect, but once you get it right…it gets easier. I like to adjust the bed with the copy paper, where the nozzle just barely scuffs/kinda skids over the sheet of paper, but not where the sheet “free floats” under the nozzle, The temperature is very brand and material specific…Most of my PLA plastics like somewhere between 210-238c(most of them being high temp pla, many pla materials extrude at 180c+), and use a layer height of .2-.3mm.

Also, please don’t get stuck thinking that you have to spend money on a slicer like Simplify3d to get quality models, there are many free slicers that work great. Best Wishes! and wishing you the best of luck! :slight_smile: please feel free to ask anything :).


Ho boy, bed leveling. Another learning curve in 3d printing I wasn’t prepared for. Ultimately what works best for me there is a piece of slightly thick paper from some tiny little notepad I had lying around. It’s thinner than typical card stock, thinner for sure than a business card, but thicker than copy paper. I wish I had a thickness number I could just tell you, but it doesn’t have anything like that listed on the notebook. At any rate, I dial down the nozzles onto it so that I can still drag the paper smoothly between the nozzle and the bed BUT I can also feel the nozzle just BARELY scraping the paper. Not so much that it catches and gets stuck, but that I can feel it’s touching something on the top and bottom. Also, don’t think “eh, I leveled it last week, it’s probly fine”. I level mine almost between every sizeable print. Anything that’s gonna take more than 2 hours, if nothing else, for my own sanity. That 5 minutes bed leveling can save you hours of print time.


yeah, it sucks. I thought I did it right but the extruder started scraping. I used the leveling paper provided, and did it to where the paper slid under the extruder with a tad of tension. I guess Ill try it where the paper slides completely freely. I used test print straight from sd card. Is that ok, or should I use a slicer?