Easy 35 Pinhole Camera



I wanted to create a new 3D printed pinhole camera that anyone with access to a 3D printer can make. The Easy 35 camera satisfies my goals of fast to print, cheap, and easy to make. Such a camera will appeal both to photographers and to educators wanting to teach principles of photography to youths. Based on 35mm film, the Easy 35 can be printed in half the time of a Flyer 6×6 and needs just a pinhole to assemble (at a bare minimum). A rubber band secures the top and black tape is used as the shutter.

The Easy 35 body is printed as one piece, incorporating the film chambers, rails, internal light baffles, and pinhole mount. Such a camera is only possible with a 3D printer, since it cannot be done in one piece with conventional manufacturing techniques.

Several copies can be printed at once on any 3D printer in black ABS or PLA. Pinholes can be purchased or made with a needle and foil, and glued in or retained with an O-ring.

The Easy 35 camera is released in the spirit of open source, using the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA 4.0 license, meaning anyone is free to make them or even sell them, as long as attribution is given to the designer and any remixes or derivations are shared alike. The Easy 35 camera is or will shortly be available on YouMagine, Pinshape, and Thingiverse.

Details on the Easy 35 camera can be found on www.pinholeprinted.com (in Products).


Cool! make sure to share the links once they are online!


Sure …

http://pinholeprinted.com/support/easy35 for the manual and eBay link for pinholes

https://www.youmagine.com/designs/easy-35-pinhole-camera (YouMagine)

http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:953359 (Thingiverse)

http://pinshape.com/items/7914-3d-printed-easy-35-pinhole-camera (Pinshape)


Super cool! I’d certainly take it fro a test drive :wink:


This is a great print @Cathy_1! Thanks you for sharing this with us! Definitely a fun summer gadget to print!


I’d be very curious to see photos made with this camera. An interesting concept nonetheless! Thanks for making it available for all of us.


I’ve got photos so I know it works, but I didn’t have time to scan them before I went to the UK for the summer, so I’m hoping someone will beat me to it and get photos up on Flickr soon - https://www.flickr.com/groups/pinholeprinted/pool/ - those are photos from Flyer and Clipper users, two of my previous pinhole cameras using 120 film.