Hey everyone. I need some major help with this 3D scan I did of someone. Because the back part of the pictures i took were taken with bad lighting, the back side of the head is missing. Is there any way I can extend the surface of the bust so I can create a backside of the head manually? Im somewhat new to meshmixer so you will have to do step by step instructions for me (like a baby). Any advice is much appreciated!

(I have attached the file so you can get a better idea of what Im talking about)
meshmix file.obj (2.94 MB)

I just made it solid, is this the kind of thing you mean?

Im new to this as well (and that just took 10seconds) but I think would get better results by maybe moving a sphere inside the head so it makes it round and then blending it in with the brush from edit menu

Your scan looked pretty good quality, what did you use to scan that?