Eliminating gaps in base print - Flashforge Creator Pro



Hello all,

I need advice about the following problem i have with the flashforge creator pro prints. Whenever I print, there are many gaps at the bottom layer. Due to this, my top layer is also left with few gaps. I tried to set the infill percent to 100 but in vain. I using a temp of 200 degrees and bed temp of 50. I am just looking for a smooth finish from the bottom to the top. I was hoping if someone here could help me figure this out. Greatly appreciated. Screenshot attached. Will look forward for your expert advice.



Can’t see anything in the picture.
What slicer? What print speed? What layer height?
My guess is that it is simply from some areas having paths the slicer finds too short to print.
You could try increasing the infill overlap.


If you are talking about those small random holes/gaps, I would guess it is your model. Do you have this problem with other files? What slicer are you using? Try running it through MakePrintable.com to fill in any holes.