Since 3D Hubs is in an era of interface rebirth, I thought I’d suggest a feature that would really save me a lot of time.

Can we have a 3D view of the files in an order? Id like to be able to click on the preview and not only have it zoom in, but allow me to rotate it to examine it.

This would really speed things up for me, as I could accept simpler orders from anywhere (assuming this feature is mobile friendly), instead of waiting until I’m at my computer to download and inspect the files. Obviously, some orders would require further inspection, but more than half of mine would benefit from this.

On a related note, I’d really love an iPhone app for 3D Hubs. It could speed up navigation.

Thanks for considering these!


I agree with both requests here. A web-based 3D STL file viewer (much like the one GitHub uses) would be amazing.

An app (in my case, Android) would be awesome too. Personally I’d put this at a lower priority though, and would understand if building and maintaining however many apps for different platforms isn’t a route the 3D Hubs devs want to go down though.


Hi there,

Thanks for your feedback, it’s definitely a great idea, and I’ll forward it to the development team! Cheers!

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I agree, this would be great!

The new 3D viewer is great!