Flashforge Creator Pro- lower default bed height, layman's help?



Hi, I’m VERY new to this and don’t understand a lot of the tech-speak I see in here, trying to learn.

What I am experiencing is that the back right leveling screw is ALL the way tightened, and the bed is still to high (hitting the extruder and jamming on the first layer.) So I think I need to lower the default height somehow and was wondering if I can do this without taking the whole thing apart?

Can someone explain to me in simple terms what I could do to lower the starting default bed height on my printer? I use Makerbot Print software to set up my print jobs (I know how to use it and it’s easy for me so please don’t tell me right now to change it, I need to solve one problem at a time) Thanks!

I print on the blue sheets it came with and I like them.

I HAVE made sure the extruder tip is in right.

The problem is 100% that the height of my bed is just too high when the print gets started, I can’t even get a good level on the bed because that back right screw won’t go any further, it’s frustrating. I need more room to be able to get everything perfectly level.


Hi Kyrabyrd,

The easiest way is to add a shim on top of the part of the buildplate platform that hits the Z home sensor.

First though i would check that the sensor is not loose and that it’s working fine.

I have 2 FFCP and the bed leveling screws on both are pretty far from tightened.

Best of luck!