Hi all,

last weekend I printed three Marvins: 1x Bronzefill, 1x Brassfill and 1x Copperfill. After printing they were pre-polished for approx. 8 hours in my self designed rocktumbler and finished with a buff wheel. Not perfect yet, but the result is ok for a first try :wink:
The lesson I have learned is that I have to print finer layers to make polishing easier - will try it soon.

Here are the results:

— before:

— after:


Really cool!

This is awesome! Don’t forget to put those up on your Hub profile! They are great!

done :slight_smile:

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Wow those are awesome

They look amazing !

What kind of rocks/grinding powder did you use ?

I have been experimenting a bit with a rock tumbler and ceramic grinding pyramids to polish PLA but no luck.

Cheers Kev.

I used brass screws, works fine.
Unfortunately your message regarding the ceramic pyramids came a little bit too late: Yesterday I ordered exactly this kind of grinding “tools” to experiment with it :wink:



These aren’t full metal Marvins if they are printed with ’ -fill’ materials. They are mega-cool though!

How long did you leave them in the tumbler? Any other details? They look awesome!

Are metal “fill” materials abrasive? Has printing with this worn down your nozzle at all?

I didn’t recognize any effect to the nozzle yet. May be it’s because I didn’t print much more than theese three

little guys until now :wink:

:stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

approx. 12 hours in the tumbler and then approx. 20 minutes of polishing with the buff wheel for each Marvin

I’m just assuming it was a typo when the word ‘full’ was used. Perhaps it was meant to be an ‘i’ and not a ‘u’. Will be posting a truly fUll metal Marvin in stainless steel soon ; )

I have been experimenting with these filaments, but not without some problems. Could you please give your print settings, like temp and nozzle size.

As a chemical bio physics engineer I am now trying polishing with chemicals. NaOH gives promising Results. Only have to find the right concentration.

Nice!! Looking forward to see it!

btw: the rock tumbler is available on instructables: http://www.instructables.com/id/Affordable-Rock-Tumbler/

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Wow those are awesome. I was proud of mine here but these have such nice gloss. Did you use a buffing agent?

Really captures the true colors of the metals.

Great work!

Hi, thanks. What do you mean with buffing agent?