Hi there!

I’m currently building a frame around my printer and need some 2mm thick PMMA sheets (clear prefered). The largest plates measure circa 600x500mm.

If anyone owns a lasercutter or has access to one, please comment below, I really need those pannels and cutting everything by hand would be too unprecise and is way too much effort (there are a lot of 4,3mm diameter holes in the plates).

All plans are already made and are available in a variety of file formats, like R14 or DXF.

Any help would be highly apprechiated. (if possible also with a price tag per square meter)




This sounds like an awesome project you’ve got there, Marius. Sounds really impressive! What’s the purpose of this frame?

Beauty, safety and heat enclosure to allow faster and more efficient heating of the build plate and the space around it. The frame is supported by sturdy aluminium profiles on all the edges and has some holes for hinges to allow for a door to open. Could you help me out with that? In the best case you’d be living in Germany, but Europe is fine too. I just don’t want to pay insane amounts for Trans-continental shipment. Cheers, Marius Breuer

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I have a 100 watt CO2 laser with a capacity of 1200x800mm. I am sure that I can help you out…

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where do they need to go to, I’m sure there’s a fablab close to you, if not I can do it

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First of all, thanks for the quick responses!

I’ve uploaded the files below, a price quote for 2mm PMMA (clear) would be apprechiated.


Marius Breuer
LaserCuttingPlan_DXF.dxf (7.58 MB)
LaserCuttingPlan_R14.dwg (3.38 MB)

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I have access to a laser cutter but it is not near Europe

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Sorry Marius, can’t help you there mate! I’m quite a newb and your question intrigued me. Good luck with this and please keep us posted with how it goes. Cheers!

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I can do it for you! Where can i send you a privcate message for a quote?

Hi Marius,

We can help.

Also, could you tell us where you are based, as we will have to send you the items?

Would you like to send us private message for us to carry on the conversation?

We will send you an initial quote once we have all the information.

Best regards,

The Akryl-Lux team

you may try something from Endurance

powerful lasers and cutting machines…

have a look: http://endurancelasers.com/