Makerbot Replicator 2/2X MightyBoards! Rev H




Makerbot MightyBoard Rev H for the Replicator 2/2x

This board has been fully tested as working, drop in replacement.

Note: I have been getting some questions on these, if you have a Rev G board you CAN swap with a Rev H board, HOWEVER, the difference is the power connector. The Rev G board has a female socket and the plug is a male, on the Rev H the socket is the male and the power adapter plug is a female. I have swapped these before to fix printers and it works no problem other then the power connector! If you have a Rev G thats dead and need a replacement you can replace the connector on the board, or i can do it, but inquire first as i have a limited number of female jacks for doing this!

The following tests were performed in a Replicator 2x.

  1. Preheat Bed and Both Extruders, Fans on extruders cycle on and off at 50c as they should, maintains temperature.

  2. Unload and Load filament on both Extruders.

  3. Jog X, Y, Z back and forth between both extremes of movement, checking full movement and Endstop functions.

  4. Print from SD Card, 1 hour test print to verify function of all aspects of the board.

  5. Connected to USB and Simplify3D and checked for control and print from USB.

This is a fully functional and ready to swap in board if yours is damaged. Due to the nature of these devices and the potential for damage if improperly installed or connected this is a no returns sale. The board has been fully tested to insure it functions correctly before shipment.

I have them available with or without Botsteps installed.

$175 for with Botsteps, $150 for without. Multiple boards are available, all of them have been tested and repaired as necessary and thoroughly tested again. If you have been looking to repair a 2 or 2x or just want a spare handy heres your chance to get some at a fair price.

I also have some spare Carrier PCB’s for the front panel, if your SD card slot has stopped working i have replacements, no need to replace the entire display unit from Makerbot when you can just swap the board. I also repair these boards if you want one repaired! $50 each for the Carrier PCB.

I repair MightyBoards!


Gday mate. Im not sure if your offer is still available, but i have a replicator 2 Rev-H Mighty Board that was damaged in a lightning strike. I suspect that its the first capacitor after the switch that has blown (going off the carbon trails around the switch). After it broke i bought a Geetech board, but i would prefer to continue using the original if at all possible.

would you be willing to have a crack at repairing it? everything else on the printer is fine. i think even the ramps are fine. so i should only need the mighty board repaired.

thanks mate. let me know what you think when you can.


I could take a crack at it. No pun intended since it got hit by lightning… LOL

The only concern is from my experience lightning damaged stuff sometimes ends up being a troubleshooting marathon, and parts that don’t appear damaged might actually be damaged or fail after getting power back to them the first time. But you won’t know that until you try. Drop me an email direct and we can discuss it further., i’ve been busy repairing a batch of printers lately so i haven’t had much time to get on the forums, but i always check my email daily.