Objet 24 error message



I’ve had a build suddenly stop with an error message

Stopped by Embedded

I’ve shut it all down and restarted the build but getting the error message again.

I tried a head clean to get the heads back to their home position and then get the following:

Wizard performing purge throw exception: runtime error: GetTAxisState mode didn’t get ack for message

Thread serial receiver 1 throw exception: Motor_T: wrong state: 0, (code 0)

Wizard clean heads wizard throw exception: runtime error: set motor mode didn’t get ack for message.

Started the build again and now getting this error message just after the UV light is switching on:

Pre-Print error – MCB wrong position Received (-10056) end print.

Has anyone seen this before or now what the problem could be?

Any help much appreciated please.

Many thanks



Hi Adam

Did you ever get any answers to this problem? We’re experiencing same with an Eden 350, also ‘MCB cannot escape from home (-10032) end print’.

The motorised cover on the purge tray seems to be having difficulty closing once its open. Would appreciate any suggestions before we spend another small fortune on calling out a repair.




Hi Andrew

It was resolved by a costly visit from the engineer! He replaced the plastic wiper assembly which was around 1.5K for the part excluding the labour costs!

Good luck with it. I’m considering looking into a 3D Systems Projet as a possible trade in, mainly for the support material removal process and surface finish? Do you know of any issues with the Projet?




Hi Adam

Thanks so much for replying, really helpful. In fact you’ve made up my mind for me. We were considering trading in for a new Objet but were put off by the running costs, repair bills and service charges we’ve experienced with this system so far. Your experience confirms that.

I don’t know of any issues with the Projet series but it looks like a possible alternative. Don’t know what build envelope you’re considering but we’re using a Formlabs 2; very good resolution and surface quality provided the supports don’t interfere too much with the geometry.

Hope the Projet works out for you. I’d be interested to know how you get on with it.




Hi All.

Thought I might let you all know what the easy fix/cause of this error is. The wiper blade assembly has a stepper motor to control the up/down position of the cleaning block and uses photo-sensors at the top and bottom of the leadscrew to home with. I had this exact issue on my Objet30 that had me scratching my head for a couple of hours. When I removed the assembly as a whole, just remove the four srews and lift the whole thing out, I noticed that some of the grease that is lubricationg the lead screws, had covered one of the photo-sensors so that it was always read as being in the home position.

The solution was pretty straight forward - use some IPA/compressed air and clean the sensors and refit the assembly. All working now and saved me the $1500 for a new one.