Can anyone think of potential causes for receiving vacuum out of range error message mid-print?

We’ve checked all the hose/tubing for leaks and improper connections and found nothing. Could it be something to do with the vacuum filter on the print head needing replaced?

Thanks in advance for any input.

I had a similar problem last year - it was vacuum filter. You can bypass it and try printing again. If the problem is gone, you have identified the culprit.


I keep getting it in mine too. At seemingly random times. The pressure never actually seems to low, it’s always about 4.5 - 6 cm. Perhaps some alcohol has gotten in my lines after a head change and it’s causing vapor lock. Ive had several people who work with low pressure environments tell me this. The randomness of the timing makes me wonder if the pressure transducer itself may be failing. I’m going to try to bypass the filter in hopes that’s all it is.

I just pulled mine out as DDAY suggested and put in a double ended hose barb. No more error. Anyone know where i can get a similar filter? Im not on a maintenance contract for my eden 333 and dont plan on being on one any time soon.

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Hello! I am having vaccum problems in our O24 also… Can you please tell me which is the Filter? Did you find replacement? If you photos to shere it would be extremely helpfull!!!


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Hi dday, I have the same problem. Could you please share a pic about where is the vacuum filter? Thanks a lot.

I just found the cause of my vacuum failure. The vacuum pump itself. Don’t bother trying to buy one from Thomas. They don’t even recognize their own part number or serial number.

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I can tell our experience in a O24, which had low pressure. We took out the pump (thomas) and found that the problem was that sometimes the axis of motor stucked, giving loose of pressure. If the wheel is not spinning, so here is the problem. The spare part of the whole assembly was over 5000dols! Try applying WD40 to the axis of pump to lighten its movement. This can work. We did not have problems with the filter. The pump assembly is in the front. Do not tighten any screws there, besides the ones that fix the assembly to the printer.

Good Luck!

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Same story on ours. One shot of WD40 and we’re back in business(no thanks to Thomas pumps).

Hi dday,

We got similar problem, Can you help me to fix this problem?


Hi Enor,

Our objet Eden got an error message “Vacuum out of range”. I just read your reply said DW40 and fixed the problem.

Can you give me more detail where to DW40 please?

Thank you

Sure, you can contact me on

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Does anyone know the what the head vacuum pressure is supposed to be?

me as well !
I just got this “vacuum out of range” massage two days ago.
Is there anyone success to disassemble this vacuum pump - THOMAS 30030533-4V", or just use WD 40 outside?

And also, is the pump part be made by silicone?
Does WD40 works with silicone?

Keep surfing on internet.

Hi, This is wat I did after checking tubes, cleaning them. checking pumps in the rear and all the helpful suggestions I received here (please check them) I took off the Thomas and found it was kind of stucked and the axis did not spin freely. There I applied WD letting the oil get along the axis for several hours. And again. When reassembling it began to work. I had muy Objet out of service almost one month, and nothing got damaged

Good Luck!