Does anyone know if the overall dimensions for the 3.6kg Objet materials cartridges are the same as the older style 2kg cartridges? We’ve seen that they’re roughly the same dimensions, but we want to know if the 3.6kg cartridge will fit in our older Objet Eden 250, which is supposed to take 2kg cartridges. The software seems to handle the extra weight no problem, seems it seems more a question of physical shape.



The 3.6 kg cartridge (for the Eden 260V) is roughly 31*17*8 cm in dimensions, excluding the tip that latches in to the feeder. How big is the 2 kg one?

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Hi Solid_3D, thanks for getting back to me.

Very interesting! The 2kg cartridge measures 30*18*9cm, so actually slightly bigger in the width and height than the 3.6kg? The gap for the handle in the 2kg cartridge seems pretty big, so that explains a lot. Could you do me one more favour and measure the normal distance from the nozzle to the bottom face that it rests on, so we can establish if the nozzle would align properly with the needle in the material loading bay? on the 2kg cartridge, it’s roughly 14cm from the bottom, and 2.5cm away from the central parting line of the plastic housing.

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Ok I took a more precise look and I can measure the 18*9 cm. The length including the handle part is definitely >30cm though (more like 33 cm).

The lenght of the nozzles centreline to the bottom of the cartridge is 14cm. Which suggests that it should fit.

The only problem I see is that since the cartridge is a little longer you might have to print with the cartridge cover slightly open / semi closed. that shouldn’t be an issue though. Just make sure it rests properly in the chamber so that the machine does not miscalculate the amount of resin available!

Hope this helps!



If you wanted to ask “can you fit 3.6kg cartridge in older machine that uses 2kg cartridge”, the answer is yes, but with some saw modifications on the new cartridge and an open cover door :slight_smile:

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Thanks very much for helping me out with this! Looks like we can move to the 3.6kg cartridges now then!

Will post an update in this thread of how it fits in case anyone else has the same problem.


the cartridges that we put in our Connex2 are all the same size regardless of the material weight.

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If you are talking about the blue cartridge of 2kg, these are the same as the transparant cases of the 3,6kg cartridge


Dave 3iD

Sure no problem, it seems like some people have tried it already, so I’d listen to them!!! :wink: I haven’t had a chance to see any 2kg cartridge that’s why I was going by dimensions. Let us know Euan xD


We’ve just received the 3.6kg cartridge. Turns out that it sort of fits, but a couple of modifications are needed. The 3.6kg cartridge does not depress the cartridge limit switch just above the needle, so some sort of snap-on cartridge extender could be needed to make sure the sensor switch is pressed.

Also, the shape of the plastic cladding panel around the material cartridge bay interferes with the shape of the 3.6kg cartridge. The 2kg cartridges are more elliptical in cross section, so the more rectangular 3.6kg cartridges need to be inserted slightly askew. And the depth of the cartridge is about 5cm longer than the 2kg cartidge, so material bay door must be left open.

Hi Euan,

So more or less it was what most people here suggested. The important question is, can you use them after all?

Actually we’ve found a bigger problem. We thought that the cartridge was inserted properly, but it turns out it wasn’t fully inserted. The 3.6kg cartridge was bottoming against a couple of screws on the bottom of the bay that would not interfere with the elliptical 2kg cartridge. 2 solutions to this - remove the screws or modify the cartridge casing. I think we’re going to try modifying the casing, then swap the fresh bags of resin into our modified casing. Definitely not as simple as we thought it was going to be, but hopefully achievable.

Will post an update later on.

Any update on your mod? Definitely worth investigating if it brings the price of material down a little.

Hi BRTONE, We got the larger cartridges working in the end by using a Dremel to cut away the corners of the plastic casing that were interfering with the screws inside the loading bay. This allows you to fully insert the larger cartridge as long as the door is left open. Rather than cut away the corners on all new cartridges we have been opening the plastic casing on new material and transferring the inner bag to our modified casing each time - so far so good.

I noticed that you may run into an RFID problem. Each cartridge has an RFID that identifies the material and the expiration of the material. Do you simply take an old working RFID and keep reusing that same one?