Hello 3D Hub world I am having a part failing to print at different stages.

I have a BCN3D Sigma and am trying to print a object roughly 6in. high by x 3in. wide x .75in. deep. The print is scheduled to last 16-24 hours depending on the settings that I use. It is just short of a 1000 layers. I am using SemiFlex and HIPS for support.

The part seems to be failing anywhere from 1.5 inches high to 4 inches high. Anywhere from 4-12 hours into the print. With a print this long I can’t watch it the whole time. At some point I come back to the print and it has fallen over. I look at the partially printed part and no real signs of anything wrong in the last layer printed that I can tell.

I have successfully printed a similar object that was thinner and just as tall without much of a brim or raft. This one I have printed some pretty wide brims and rafts and still have the same issue.

I guess I could try to film the print and see if I can take anything away from that, but hoping someone might be able to assist me on the forum.

Any insights or tips are appreciated.

Do you have any pictures of it?

Hi @blarose,

A picture would be very useful, at least to understand the kind of failure. Which one fails? the HIPS or the SemiFlex?

However (just a guess) might be worth checking if the speed - temperature - retraction settings are right. When I had this problem of failing approx around the same height, it was because the extruder was grinding the filament and so stopped extruding. This anyway can be caused by wrong retraction settings or hot end problems or even others.

Again, this is just second guessing without a photo.