Prints Stick Too Tightly To The Bed


My prints stick too tightly to the bed making them difficult to remove. Any thoughts?


More details would be helpful.

-What material are you printing

-auto or manual bed leveling

-material type of print bed(pei, kapton, builders tape, etc…)

-are you using any additives such as glue stick, hairspray, abs slurry, etc…

- temperatures used

-any pictures

-any tools used for removing print from bed


To add, probably mention what printer and slicer.


Using Qidi X-One 2. PLA. Metal Manual Bed. Simplify3d. No additives. I have tried bed at 40 and 60 degrees.


Does it still have the blue surface on it?

If so then take a look in S3D for the first layer height and see if it is at 120. That was the default for the first layer to help it not stick so hard. Mainly look at how much “squish” you are getting on the first layer and you may want to loosen up the leveling to give a bit more clearance for the nozzle. That is where I would start.

What temp was the extruder at for the first layer?

I usually start the bed at 60-65 and then drop after the first layer. Usually I get down to 55 or 50 at 5 degrees per layer depending on the model.


Will try. Thank you.


One thing to think about is to maybe switch over to PEI on the bed. I went and applied a PEI sheet directly to the bed. It has worked great.


You can use a bar soap and rub it on the bed, watch the magic and later just wash the bottom of your model with water.


Good idea. Makes sense. Will try. Thank you.


Good idea. Makes sense. Will try. Thank you.


Thank you for the idea. I’ll keep working on this until it works.


Good plan. I made the change once I had wrecked the blue sheet!


What kind of print material do you use? For most of them, use glass print beds which offer a clean finish and do not let the objects stick to them. Also, you could make use of a variety of printing bed surfaces such as Kapton tape to cover the bed surface before printing.


Thanks for the advice.


Here you can see how i remove my sticky prints from the bed:

If you have any traces or damages on bed or object afterwards, you don’t have the proper angle.

This is the only method which works properly. As helper method you can spray IPA on the place

you want to start to release the object.
You can start removing around 40°C where the material is slightly soft, this lets you more easy to remove it.


try raising z offset in increments of .02. also be sure to let cool before trying to remove.If printing with buildtak or something similar than use a raft