As mentioned in The Hub Weekly a while back, as a Hub, you can now add extra services to an existing order.

More often than not, customers ask for additional services, like shipping, 3D modelling or extra support, to be added to an already paid order. So we now allow multiple payments per order, which you can add yourself, without the assistance of an order admin.

Here’s how:


Hope this helps!



Awesome. Had to ask an admin a lot to do this.

Exactly! Hope we’ll be saving you guys some time now.

Yea thanks 3D Hubs!


I’m glad the option is there but some models end up being double the cost because of support material and we look like con artist.

3D hubs staff, please put a disclaimer on your website. Many models require support and the customer should EXPECT there to be further charges.

Can you put in a negative value? I have a customer that entered two orders at the same time and paid for shipping for both. I wish to give them a refund on one of the shipping costs.