Just as the title say we are a service bureau looking to quick sell our Eden 260v Dental.

2014 machine, Upgraded embedded pc installed capable of software upgrade to make it a VS. Recent UV bulbs replaced. Daily maintenance performed, runs very clean. Its been a daily driver, no issues. We are converting to a fully SLA driven shop so we are off loading our Polyjet at a steal. We have only ever run Med670(VeroDent) Through it so the HASP key for Dental is still good. Being a Dental machine it is higher Value then a standard 260v, also Verodent is a great prototyping material and is only $500 for 3.6kg rather than 1500$.

We are looking to get $72,000 for it. Comes with Wash Station, a 1200 Watt APC, and a 6 core workstation.

Looking to move it quickly so offers are welcome. Can arrange freight shipping. Or local pick up.


Hi Chris,

This is not exactly on the topic but do you mind sharing how did you manage to upgrade your machine to VS? We also have the same printer and it would be great to know we can use the soluble support (706). Any chance you can send me more details in an email?

On another note the printer is truly a marvel, I would strongly recommend it and the price is a bargain!


If your internal embedded PC is upgraded and you are under a Stratasys warranty they will software upgrade to a vs. ours PC is upgraded, but we haven’t gotten the software upgrade yet as we declined the Stratasys warranty because we have a tech in house

So if I get this right, it’s a software update in the embedded PC one has to get from Stratasys and not any hardware changes. We are not under Stratasys warranty either, as we do most maintenance inhouse… That might be tricky… :confused: