Hello all, at the encouragement of Benny from 3DH customer service I’m contacting your community for a deal on a sweet printer. Hopefully it can extend whatever it is you do.

What: Objet 30. In operation since May 2015. Factory maintained and professionally operated only. Includes PC workstation, battery backup (saves data in power outage), and “Wavewash” system from Stratasys (spray booth with pressure washer for part cleaning), ~$1200 of printing, support and cleaning materials. 28 micron resolution in rigid acrylic-like material. Gloss and matte finishes possible. 100% success rate over 18 months. Machine can be upgraded to include optically clear and elastomer materials (Objet30 Pro specs).

Where: Boulder, Colorado, USA

How much: Negotiable. Stratasys dealer suggests value is $20k for the machine alone. Factory recertification will cost ~$1500. Annual factory maintenance contracts will cost ~$3500/yr. Paid $35k. We are asking for $15k. 58% off 18-month old machine with PC workstation, battery backup and cleaning station.

- Don’t let sticker shock stop you from inquiring. We can be reasoned with!

Please contact directly. Cheers. zack.m.jacobson.weaver@gmail.com

Great machine I would love to move it up to Minnesota! Hope you find a good home for it