Hello. I’ve recently come to possess a FlashForge Creator Pro and I’m teaching myself how to use it.
I’ve had a few successful test-prints, but now I’m running into a new issue. Lately, on all my prints, the supports are breaking off midway through the print. I’ve been having this issue with both ABS and PLA filaments.
I’ve been using the tree-like auto supports in FlashPrint, using the pre-sets for both ABS and PLA. I’ve tried fresh nozzles, leveling the build plate, and trying to fine tune the heat/speed settings. I also tried making the supports a bit thicker, thinking that would make them sturdier. In the photo you can see where the support under the dog’s head broke partway through printing

Sorry if this is simple new-guy stuff. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

When you made the supports thicker did you make more perimeters for the supports?

What speeds are you printing at?

Another thing that it could be is that the nozzle that is not being used may be hitting the support. It is common for one nozzle to be lower than the other so look into that. You can add shims under the end of the cooling bar to raise the lower side.
Also maybe try turning the model 90 degrees so the dog faces you that may keep the unused nozzle away from the supports.

Wirlybird is asking the right questions. I often saw the second nozzle on my FFCP tripping things up. I ended up removing it because it was more hassle than it was worth.

My recommendation…use supports as little as possible. You can reduce or even eliminate the need for supports by changing the orientation of the model in the slicer. For instance, if you put this dog model on it’s side you would not need any supports or even a raft and you should get a really clean print.

I should have mentioned in my original post, I have been printing with only one nozzle attached. Also, I just ran the same print a second time, and the under-head support didn’t break. It’s almost like these stupid machines are extremely fiddly and temperamental…

On the point of rotating the model, that would definitely work for this piece, but I figure I’ll eventually run into a print that’s gonna need supports so I’m just trying to nip this thing in the bud.

I’ve had a few successful test-prints, but now I’m running into a new issue. Lately, on all my prints.