hey all

i just got a zortrax m200 I’ve had two failed prints because my supports and raft are literally part of my model… not everywhere but in some parts… to the point of not being removable.

Ive autocalibrates prior to each print and am currently printing with z hips . 1.4 layer thickness - auto generated offset supports in z suite.

can someone help me get this figured out?

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I understand what you are saying it has happened to me also.

Im the most cases this happened to me when the first layer didn’t stick very good to the platform. And I put some glue and it’s work after this.

Have you verified that your esteps are correct and that its not over extruding? You could also try turning the flow multiplier down a few percent


If i has to guess it’s over extruding…

im new to 3D printing and am unsure how to verify e steps

I used to have this problem so I only use 10 and 20 as a value for the support.

You can remove the unwanted supports in z-suite.

If you need them anyway you have to split the model in order to remove them later


Can you specify what material did you use? Were the models small parts?

If possible, please contact us directly and send the .zcode and .stl files via support form: http://support.zortrax.com/support-form/.

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I used z hips. I had the quality on high and I set support angle to 45 degree with the offset support button on.

​I think the person who said my printer is over extruding is right but I don’t know how to fix it. I calibrate prior to each print. The prints are not small at all and not overly complicated in shape.

As per your trouble, the trouble could either be with the metal extruder or inadequate setting in your 3D printer. All these troubles cause hanging strands, missing walls and pillowing etc.

Recheck your 3D printer settings and try printing again.

The zortax pretty much auto calibrates and the z suite software is pretty straightforward. I don’t have pillowing or strands i think i have over extrusion making the supports too close to the model. Not sure what to change.

Hello again,

Thanks for the information.

Are you using the newest Z-SUITE 2.2 BETA?
Have you tried to print without support offset?

I run the M200 with HIPS very often, and have not experienced the fusing you mention. I would recommend trying the following:

1) Z-Suite 2.? is still in Beta. Try downloading the latest full release (1.12.2) and re-slicing your model. I am not familiar with the support offset because it is not a feature of the current releases. But it makes me wonder if this “offset” could be going the wrong direction and fusing the supports deeper in the model.

2) Make sure your fan is on. Best to try auto first.

Best of luck, keep us posted!

Excellent notes… will install a stable version of. Suite and rest today!

thank you

I tried it. I installed the older version of z-suites… I inputed everything and still came back fused. I also auto-calibrated before printing… I don’t get it. There are no other options for me to change. I’ve wasted so much material on this.

Sorry to hear that. You mentioned you just got the printer; have you successfully printed in any other materials? How about another model, like a small test cube, does that stick to the raft? If you have a model giving you trouble, try some smaller, simpler models to see if you can narrow down the problem. If a small 1in cube is completely fused to the raft, you have a small part you can mess with without a large waste of material. Make sure the fan is physically running. Something like a bad ribbon cable could kill the fan, leaving your rafts and supports hot and fused.

Also be sure to contact Zortrax support directly. They are usually pretty helpful. Don’t lose hope, it really is an awesome machine! It’ll get there.


You should definitely contact us via support form in that case.

Please, fill in the support form and attach some pictures of the failed prints: http://support.zortrax.com/support-form/.

We’ll try to compensate for the wasted material as well.

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Zortrax Team

Sending a ticket now. I am a bit frustrated as the first printer I got from you guys was broken and had to be returned (the extruder wouldn’t heat up)… They tested it at the store once I brought it in and found the same issue… I never even got to print on that one… it was literally broken out of the box… Now I have a second printer and have wasted countless hours trying to get this one to work… It’s frustrating to spend thousands on a product… have it come broken… get a new one… and it still not work.