[Update 2/23/17]

Hi folks - sorry for the delay in updating this post. Swamped. These kits are no longer available, local pick up. Thanks everyone for your interest.

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I have two Original Prusa i3 MK2 kits (orange) that I had ordered back on December 13th in anticipation of a project that did not materialize. The kits finally arrived last week. They have not been opened to the point they still have the dark plastic wrapping on the shipping boxes.

I have not decided where I’m going to sell them yet (i.e. eBay) but thought I’d reach out to the 3DHubs crowd for first dibs before trying there. I have not set the selling price yet. I’m not going to gouge anyone but, with these products, there’s absolutely no reason to for me take a loss in the transaction at all.

I’m in Southeast Florida in case anyone is interested in local pickup. Each box shows a weight of 11KG (24.25lb) and would ship from ZIP code 33498 if you want to do math on shipping costs while coming up with an offer. I can accept PayPal and Square and the price would be adjusted for the fee.

I’m open to offers…

If this post is inappropriate/against the 3DHubs forum rules please let me know and I will remove it ASAP. Thanks.

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Look for the group on facebook. I can post the link later. People there are looking.

Are these still available? Asking price and such?

Here is a place to list them.

I am interestred, can you email me photocycler@gmail.com

I live in Tampa. How much are you selling one for?

Thanks @whirlybird…i’ll check it out.

For the other folks, as stated in my original post, I’m taking offers for the kits at this stage.

Hey man, am very interested! Tried to PM you but couldn’t find the way to. My contact is bmanning81@gmail.com

Glad to help. I posted the link to this post over there also.


If available, will buy both at at your cost (including shipping) and will arrange for shipping to CT (i.e. Will send a UPS call tag for both).

Mark E Strauss


917-327-5885 (cell & text)

Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/TOGOMediaLinked-in: http://www.linkedin.com/in/mestrauss

Heyo, just curious if these were purchased from you yet, I’m in Orlando n would drive down to get it if available! Thanks sio

Hello , Im interested, please let me know if still available. What is your asking price? Looking to purchase today.

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