In this video I used Proto-Pasta magnetic iron for the rusting properties but this idea can be used for any filament that you intend to weather really. In reality this is as simple as it looks:

  • Distress the surface so that the metal particles are exposed
  • Mask the model with rubber cement in the areas that you want exposed/weathered
  • Wait for the cement to dry and then paint the model
  • When the paint has FULLY dried rub off the cement
  • Weather (tarnish/rust) the model
  • And your done.


Here is the video that goes into this a little more in depth

And don’t worry guys the polishing video hopefully will be next week! Things have been a little crazy currently so I haven’t had much time for filming.


Guess who’s on 3D hubs now! Is it possible to really rust up the iron PLA? As in getting rich reds and really attack it? Would be really neat to print something fairly derelict looking (broken down factory equipment, broken gear or such) and make it rust massively.

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Glad to see you here man! What next Instagram? Facebook?

You can get it a really deep color honestly! Here is the tank after letting it just rust on its own in the ambient air after getting the vinegar kickstart and it is a very deep color. Honestly it looks exactly like a rusty model with loads of rust. I love it because I can make old looking models for my trains very easily as I never liked the look of “plastic model made to look like rusty metal.” This is a print I did for a client that she rusted and it looks spectacular.

Here is the link to my photo album with a bunch of prints in Proto-Pasta material, some rusty some not so rusty!

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Nice! That’s exactly what I was looking for. Time to bite the bullet and order some I think. Yeah I’m updating all my social networks, my ‘day job’ in 3D Design is wrapping up so transitioning into Freelance full time. Fun time ahead!

I was looking at the Aus $ to USA $ conversion and it isn’t pretty! What size does your Wan ??? printer use as I have some ~metre long scraps of filament that are no use for me if you want them… only catch is that it is 3MM diameter!

Glad to hear your doing more freelance! Right now my jobs are taking care of my grandmother, trying to film halfway decent videos and try and think up of 3D designs I can make models with and sell! As well as juggle a few classes in CAD. So does you freelancing mean that we can expect more videos in the near future?

Not only is the end product impressive but the video editing and sound effects are spot on. very cool Calvin. Looking forward to the next video…

Thank you! If you guys ever want to be in one of my videos just let me know! Your more than welcome!