A week or so ago saw my first adventure in producing and presenting a webinar as part of my role as an Education Ambassador with the CREATE Education Project run by Ultimaker GB.

I’m pleased to say that my first foray into this way of sharing learning went very well and we have had some great feedback so far about the content. A recording of the live webinar is now available on the CREATE Education YouTube channel at the following link :

The webinar was entitled “Getting The Most Out Of Cura” and is of particular interest to those of you who are 3D printing using Cura as their slicing software (the webinar covers the older versions of Cura up to release 15.04.2, rather than the “new” Cura).

It was designed to cover some of the options available to you in the Full Settings menus, from the basics through to some options that people don’t know exist or may never have experimented with because they don’t know what they might do with them.

To help, if you just want to dip in and out of the video, or are looking for advice on a particular topic then you can jump to the following timing points in the video :

7:30 “Drive-Through” vs “A La Carte” use of Cura

9:15 Reviewing The Layer Stack

16:40 Shell Thickness Settings

18:35 Infill Settings

21:50 Top & Bottom Thickness

23:40 Platform Adhesion Options

26:10 Plug-In – “Pause At Height”

30:00 Support Advice

36:30 3D Printing From 2D Images

42:30 Splitting Models For Better Printing

46:50 Examples of Techniques Presented

I hope there is something in the video that will help you improve your 3D printing experience and make it as efficient as possible.

Steve – Birmingham UK Hub


This is super-useful, Steve, thanks for sharing it with us!