I live in Canada and I’m looking at getting the above mentioned 3D printer, and a bunch of different options are given with which currency to buy it in. For the Canadian dollar its best for me to buy it buy converting to the Czech koruna. Their chat said that its best for me to buy in USD only because of how canadian banks might work., but this would make it cost at least another $100. Also since its paypal that the payment is done through I don’t see how it should be a problem. Just wondering if anyone has done something similar to what I want to do.

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Voxelfactory.com is the official Canadian dealer

I stand corrected, Prusa now says they are ok. Good to know.

Prusa does say to make sure you get the original order number from Prusa if you are going to try to get support directly from Prusa.

I heard someone mention using the British Pound as the currency when buying direct from Canada.

Ya, I emailed prusa before I ordered in December and they said they recommend ordering from voxel. I think it saves a little money from conversion transaction fees even though they price a little higher

Yes, going through Voxel is the way to go for the Prusa i3 Mk2.

Another option would be getting it through a US supplier. But as you mentioned it will be more expensive due to the CAD/USD exchange rate.

Me and my friend have actually found buying the printer in Czech Koruna is the cheapest option. Would come to about $800 each before taxes. And since we’re ordering two the shipping will be slightly less. It’s looking like after all the taxes and what not too together it will come to a little under $2k.

That’s a good deal then. Good to know for sure now! I have some guys in another group who were wondering and getting conflicting reports like I did.

I don’t know of a US supplier since we can order direct with no complications. Might be good for Prusa to put out a list of authorized suppliers since they always said they only sell direct.