3D Hubs is the most affordable way to get high-quality prototypes

Portrait of Koji Intlekofer from Shiftlabs
Koji Intlekofer

Through 3D Hubs I found someone local and knowledgeable to work with

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Cory Mogk

Although we own a 3D printer we prefer using 3D Hubs

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Scott Davison

It was a seamless experience, I was amazed at the turn-around time

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Omar Rada
Misen Kitchen

Being able to speak with the printer operator saved me costly misprints

Portrait of Eric Henderson from Iowa State University
Eric Henderson
Iowa State University

3D Hubs enabled us to use the right material at each stage of our prototyping process

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Kevin Cocco
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Popular 3D printing services in Eindhoven

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123D Productions. 3D-scanning and printing solutions, as well as it’s more traditional 2D-printing offer. In short it offers: 1 point of contact for both 2D as well as 3D-scanning and printing solutions. “This ‘one-stop-shop’ offer makes it really unique. Nowhere else you can find so much expertise and experience in 3D-scanning combined with 3D-printing and traditional printing solutions.”
I am a 3D Printing Engineer, working with printers day and night, mainly SLA printers. Printing with a Qilive Q.3622 with a print area of 228Lx150Wx140H (mm). Red, Black and Blue PLA. Great prints fast! Free shipping on orders over 30 euros. Standard infill 20%, but stronger prints available upon request. Model cleanup available. (additional fee) Ask for free color samples! Want some ideas of what to print, contact me for suggestions!
TeeBot's Hub. Fast Quality 3D print, You have an Idea no drawing? Can also help in making your 3d designs. Multiple printers for large quantity builds.
We can print & design your ideas in high quality and many different colors! Multi-color (layers) and quick delivery possible.

Which material should I use?

When it comes to 3D printing there are many materials you can choose from. But do not fear, our Materials Guide makes it a breeze to compare them and to pick yours.