“I was amazed at the turn-around time. Your service is a wonderful thing.”

Bill Rogers

“I've been creating prototypes for 1/10th of the cost of centralized 3D printing firms”

Geert Slachmuylders

“I found a superb Hub that is flexible and is always there for his customers”

Johann Frenschock

“Being able to discuss with the printer operator meant that I got it right the first time”

Alan Nguyen

“It was a seamless experience, both professional and personal”

Omar Rada

“I found a Hub that took our 3D printing project to the next level”

Andrew Bachman

“Good service, fast and excellent communication”

Andreu Vergés Vidal

“Through 3D Hubs I found someone local and knowledgeable to work with”

Cory Mogk
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Super service! If order bigger than 20 eur, free Dutch shipping
We provide invoices with every print. All prices include VAT. - | | - For printing large amounts please contact in advance for extended delivery time and discount. - | | - When we print a larger quantity of a single object we wil provide photo's of the first object(s) for quality control. - | | - We use a single extruder RepRap Prusa i3 with a Minitronics Board. - | | - We have a large experience with 3D printing and 3D design. http://lormansdesign.nl
Printer: Up! 2 Plus, (LxBxH) 130X130X125 mm. Witbox, (LxBxH) 297X210X200 mm. Robox, (LxBxH) 210 x 150 x 100mm Zeus, (LxBxH) 203X152X144 mm Zim (Duo header), (LxBxH) 150X150X150 mm Form1+, ((LxBxH) 125X125X165 mm Good quality prints. Afhalen in Eindhoven is ook mogelijk. Per post kan ook, maar dan komen er nog verzendkosten bij.
I use an Ultimaker 2 to print 3d designs, I also create models if you need any.

Which material should I use?

  • Great starter material: affordable, durable and widely available. Mostly used for prototyping mechanical parts and designs that don’t have a lot of overhang. Available in all colors.
  • UV-cured resin prints sport fine details, sharp edges and smooth finish. Color availability is limited, but it is easily paintable and can be semi-translucent.
  • Perfect all-rounder. Easy design rules, strong and slightly flexible. Allows for functional end products and complex designs. Surface is a bit grainy, but can be polished and dyed.
  • Gypsum with colored texture on the surface. The best choice for photo-realistic, full color prints. Ideal for professional models, architecture, product design and fine arts.

Introducing Strong & Flexible Nylon

When it comes to 3D printing complex designs, the industrial quality Strong & Flexible Nylon is consistently the product designer's secret weapon.

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