I had the same problem. There was one good review in Dutch but i didn’t find an English version. The only thing that i can advise you is to find a Hub, shop or person with a ZYYX or ZYYX+ and ask for a demo.


Based on your current criteria, I would go for the Witbox 2. It’s enclosed, not a kit, decently fast, it has a pretty large build volume, and it can use 3rd party filament! Unfortunately, it doesn’t have auto-leveling (I think).

I hope this helps! If you want, click here the 3D Hubs reviews.


additional to Jackson2727, yes it has autolevelling and due to its extruder design its easy to print with more materials, like flexible thermoplastic (e.g. Filaflex)

Thanks for your advices Jackson2727 and 3DPrinterPoint.

Have you used Simplify3D with the Witbox2 ?

I do use S3D with all my printers including WB1, WB2 and many others. The issue rely with working with the USB port currently. Other than that, SD works fine.

Not yet with wb2. With wb1 it went Fine so i think it will work Just Fine.

Ok, thank you for your replies!