Talk Forums Disappearing?


I used to be able to access the talk forums through the “Learn” tab on the 3D Hubs website.

But it seems to have disappeared from there and been moved to the bottom of the page under resources.

This results in it being more difficult to go and access the Talk forums. Also since there was no notice of the this change, it feels as though they want to effectively shut down the Talk forums.

Anyone have thoughts on this?


Just more of the same from this group that seems to have a deaf ear toward the hubs and issues.


@wirlybird I mean it’s dumbfounding, I would like to think it’s because of bad communication but some times it feels as though yes they are ignoring us.

It’s resulting in serious hub’s building their own sites and slowly moving away from 3D Hubs. Especially with new competitive services like DigiFabster.


Yea, they have become their own worst enemy and will be the cause of their own demise.


This DigiFabster looks interesting.


I’ve been slowly experimenting with it. Their model upload is not as well hashed out as 3D Hubs, but it’s quite impressive nonetheless.

I found DigiFabster’s pricing plans very attractive. Currently, I’m paying approx $60/month for 3D Hubs in terms of their commissions (low order volume but high value). Whereas on DigiFabster it’s free for 30 quotes and then $1 per additional quote. It’s a flat fee without % commission.


Yea, I see that also. Good option for me I think. I’ll study up later on it.


Probably not a good sign. They basically turn away new members while thinking hard about what to do with the forum :slight_smile:


@glennbech it’s unfortunate because new members will probably not even know that the forum exists now. They need to advertise these changes. It makes sense to list the forums as a resource rather than have it under the “Learn” tab, but the transition could have been better advertised.

@Filemon would it be possible to have a resources tab, so have 3D Print / Learn / Resources?

This way the forums could be more easily accessible to new and existing members? Also the knowledge base is featured in both the Learn and the Resources tabs.

The resources tab should have:


At the very bottom of the main site, it has a Resources section where you can find the Talk link. But I agree, disappointing that they removed it from the Learn dropdown. They do need to have a link at the top for this section.


Hey guys!

The new quarter has begun here at 3D Hubs you guys have not gone unnoticed. It is true that Talk has temporarily been taken out of the main navigation as we simply did not have the manpower to properly reply to all discussions regarding 3D Hubs.

Soon, one of my colleagues, Nahla, will be becoming more and more active on Talk and will try to address any questions you guys might have.

In the meantime, you already mentioned the Knowledge Base, which was mainly built to draw in more engineering/serious customers to bring you all more business. At the same time, I’ve been working on a new part of the website called The Hub Academy which we’ll soon be adding to the main navigation.

The Hub Academy will be all about supporting our Hubs. From how to set up a Hub profile, configuring your prices to giving tips on how to handle your orders and becoming familiar with all the programs and features of 3D Hubs.

Until Nahla starts working on Talk, feel free to send me any direct questions you might have to The support team is always there to answer any questions you might have and we usually respond within a few hours (max 1 business day).

Robin - 3D Hubs