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Portrait of Koji Intlekofer from Shiftlabs
Koji Intlekofer

Through 3D Hubs I found someone local and knowledgeable to work with

Portrait of Cory Mogk from Autodesk
Cory Mogk

Although we own a 3D printer we prefer using 3D Hubs

Portrait of Scott Davison from Jewelbots
Scott Davison

It was a seamless experience, I was amazed at the turn-around time

Portrait of Omar Rada from Misen Kitchen
Omar Rada
Misen Kitchen

Being able to speak with the printer operator saved me costly misprints

Portrait of Eric Henderson from Iowa State University
Eric Henderson
Iowa State University

3D Hubs enabled us to use the right material at each stage of our prototyping process

Portrait of Kevin Cocco from Ardusat
Kevin Cocco
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