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Thanks to 3D Hubs I can use multiple hubs to quickly produce a handful of parts much faster than the alternative solutions available to me.

Portrait of Nick Prsha from DARPA
Nick Prsha
Mechanical Design Engineer Contractor, DARPA

Through 3D Hubs I always find someone highly knowledgeable nearby who gets my prints done when I need them.

Portrait of Cory Mogk from Autodesk
Cory Mogk
Senior Program Manager, Autodesk

We always use 3D Hubs to get highly detailed prototypes of our architectural models. Even with our tight deadlines it's a platform we can rely on for quick turn-around times.

Portrait of Arne Lijbers from Mecanoo
Arne Lijbers
Architect, Mecanoo

Amazing selection of 3D printers and materials but the most impressive part of 3D Hubs is the quality of the printer operators sharing their skills.

Portrait of Kevin Cocco from Ardusat
Kevin Cocco
CTO, Ardusat

I use 3D Hubs for the wide range of 3D printer technologies, I can select the method that best suits my parts geometry, tolerances, and prototyping needs.

Portrait of Koji Intlekofer from Shiftlabs
Koji Intlekofer
Director of Engineering, Shiftlabs

Speaking to the Hub meant I could get instant feedback on my project and make quick changes to my design before a costly misprint.

Portrait of Eric Henderson from Iowa State University
Eric Henderson
Professor, Iowa State University