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Koji Intlekofer - Director of Engineering at Shiftlabs

I use 3D hubs because it's the fastest and most affordable way for me to source 3D printed prototypes. The wide coverage of their network makes it easy to find a service offering a process that suits my part geometry, tolerances, and prototyping needs.

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Our most popular 3D printing plastics.


High detail and smooth surface, injection mold-like prototyping.



High stiffness, good detail, affordable.



Used to substitute functional injection moulded parts, good chemical resistance.



Our most popular 3D printing metals.

Stainless steel

High tensile strength, temperature and corrosion resistance.



High machinability and ductility, good strength-to-weight ratio.



Used in aerospace, automotive and medical industries, excellent strength-to-weight ratio.



Our most popular 3D printing processes.


FDM is the most widely available 3D printing process, mainly used for low-cost prototyping and design verification with very fast turn around times.

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SLA is most suitable for visual applications where an injection mold-like, smooth surface finish, and a high level of feature detail are required.

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SLS is used for both prototyping and small-batch production of functional plastic parts with good mechanical properties.

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Material Jetting

Material Jetting produces parts of the highest dimensional accuracy with very smooth surface finish, used for both visual prototypes and tooling manufacturing.

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DMLS/SLM produce high performance, end-use metal 3D printed parts for industrial applications in aerospace, automotive and medical.

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Binder Jetting

Binder Jetting is most commonly used for full-color parts, low-cost metal printing, and large sand casting molds.

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Sample 3D printed parts

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