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3D printing trends 2020

Gain a deep understanding of the current state of the 3D printing market. And get a solid grasp of emerging trends in the Additive Manufacturing industry.

The 3D Printing Trends report presents you with expert insights gained by analyzing five different data sources: transactional data from 550,000+ 3D printed parts, exclusive interviews with industry experts, and systematic reviews of the latest industry news and market reports.

Key findings

  • 3D printing is now adopted by the early-majority for serial production
  • 3D printing entrepreneurship is strong and driven by applications
  • The 3D printing market keeps growing at record speeds
  • Professional users are turning to online manufacturing platforms
  • 3D printing is only one part of the new digital manufacturing stack

What's inside?

  • A timeline with the most influential industrial 3D printing applications of 2019
  • An overview of the current size and growth trends of the 3D printing market
  • The global distribution of the online 3D printing demand based on transactional data
  • A breakdown of the online demand by industry, application, material and process
  • Commentary on the role of 3D printing in the greater digital manufacturing landscape
  • Interviews with 3D printing subject experts from HP, Formlabs, Carbon and Medical Goes Additive on the state of the industry
  • Emerging trends and predictions for 2020 and beyond

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