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3D Printing Trends 2019

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Gain a deep understanding of the current state of the 3D printing market. Get a solid grasp of emerging trends in the Additive Manufacturing industry.

The 3D Printing Trends report presents you with expert insights gained by analyzing five different data sources: transactional data from 750,000+ 3D printed parts, an independent survey of 400 businesses, exclusive interviews with industry experts, and systematic reviews of the latest industry news and market reports.

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Key Findings

  • SME’s are THE power-users of online 3D printing services, representing more than 75% of the global customer base.
  • Automotive leads the development of 3D printing with 3 out of 4 major companies in the US & German using it.
  • The 3D printing market is set to double in size every three years with the annual growth forecasted by analysts varying between 18.2% and 27.2%.
  • California in the US and the UK in Europe are the most savvy when it comes to online 3D printing.
  • Industry experts credit lack of awareness as the main barrier to broader adoption of Additive Manufacturing.

What's inside?

  • A visual timeline of 2018 with key events in the 3D printing industry
  • Figures summarizing the size and forecasted growth of the 3D printing market
  • Heatmaps with the distribution of the global online 3D printing demand
  • A breakdown of the demand by industry, application, material, and process
  • Exclusive interviews with the CTO of Desktop Metal and the VP of Ultimaker
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