Work at 3D Hubs

The story of 3D Hubs

3D Hubs makes manufacturing easy from prototyping to production. The online platform provides readily available production capacity for the fastest lead times and most price-competitive parts. Simply upload designs to receive instant quotes for 3D printing, CNC machining and Injection Molding. 3D Hubs’ automated Design for Manufacturing (DFM) analysis detects any potential issues before production begins, eliminating risk for customers.

Founded in 2013, 3D Hubs has produced more than 2,000,000 parts, serving engineering companies of all sizes.

Awesome perks

Joining our team comes with these benefits

All you can 3D print

What better way to understand online manufacturing than to actually do it! 3D print anytime at our office. Design and print everything you need for that epic weekend project.

Knowledge sharing sessions

We believe we’re all students and teachers. Therefore we host knowledge sharing sessions and weekly demo’s on a variety of topics, from manufacturing technologies and python coding lessons to productivity best practices. Grab a cup of soup or a beer, and end up learning something new.

You'll master OKRs

This winner approach for turning company strategy into actionable quarterly projects runs through our veins. Once you master it you'll never want to do without.

4 weekly drinks

From visiting arcades, climbing, curling to whisky tastings, we never run out of fun team activities. One Friday a month, we head out for an epic night together somewhere in Amsterdam – compliments of 3D Hubs.

Join 3D Hubs outdoor trips

Unwind and recharge! What better way to celebrate reaching a big company milestone than hitting the ski slopes, biking around the Dutch islands or conquering epic trails with your fellow teammates. Each year we organise an awesome company trip, all covered by 3D Hubs.

Geek out during pizza nights

Although we’re creating very cool stuff every day of the week, there’s never enough time to develop all of our crazy and wild ideas into reality. For us to be able to spend time on our own ideas, we organise pizza nights every quarter to geek out and have fun!

Paternity leave

Instead of the 5 days parental leave, the 3D Hubs dads or partners will receive 2 weeks (10 working days) of parental leave to enjoy their little miracle (and the smelly diapers) to the fullest.

Stock option plan

For us celebrating together is better than alone. Therefore for our full-time employees, we have a stock option plan in place. This way we’re all owners of 3D Hubs’ success

International Office

We are a team of more than thirty different nationalities, have a HQ in the middle of Amsterdam and really like plants (and dogs). Want to check that out? Drop recruitment a message!

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