Work at 3D Hubs

The story of 3D Hubs

We’re a small team of designers and developers working on disrupting the traditional way of manufacturing and leading the next industrial revolution. 3D Hubs is a platform that connects 3D printers with people who want to 3D print. In 2013, we set about changing the way the world makes things by providing access to 3D printing 160 countries in 25,000 locations around the globe. Today, we’re already providing over one billion people with access to 3D printing within ten miles of their home.

Awesome perks

Joining our team comes with these benefits

All you can 3D print

3D print anytime at our office –until you sweat filament. From now on you can manufacture all you need in our 3D Hubs Print Lab.

We love food

We love food! We have selected some amazing caterers to prepare our daily lunches (perk: it’s free). Additionally, our freshly-brewed Italian coffee tastes great, and we’ve got plenty of fresh fruit and tasty snacks to keep you fueled during the day.

Geek out during pizza nights

Although we’re creating very cool stuff every day of the week, there’s never enough time to develop all of our crazy and wild ideas into reality. For us to be able to spend time on our own ideas, we organise pizza nights every six weeks to geek out and have fun!

4-weekly drinks

From visiting arcades to whisky tastings, we never run out of cool and fun activities to enjoy together as a team. One Friday a month, we head out for an epic night together on the town – compliments of 3D Hubs.

Knowledge sharing sessions

With so much happening in the world of startups and technology, it’s difficult for anybody to keep their finger on the pulse at all times. To help share our team’s wide range of knowledge, we organise optional knowledge sharing sessions.

Join 3D Hubs ski trip

Every year we organise a ski trip for the entire team. From beginners to expert ski and snowboard lovers, this epic trip is consistently one of our favorite experiences together as a team.

International team

We are a team of more than ten different nationalities! This diversity of different backgrounds is something we value and look forward to expanding on – a lot!

Not just any internship

Interns at 3D Hubs are valued members of the team and get real responsibilities, no boring filing and making coffee here! You’ll be interviewing applicants, sorting out web dev issues and we want your opinion on everything.


We want to make sure all members of 3D Hubs can flourish. We use the Holacracy organizational operating system to ensure an inclusive and adaptable approach to the growth of all members of our team.

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