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3DreamPrint started as an idea in 2013 when we decided that it was time for us to quit spending the large amount of money required to print our own design objects...it was then that we decided to create a small lab and fill it with both DIY and state-of-art 3D printers and allow other friends to come and print their shapes. Word of mouth did its job and after few weeks we had a queue at our doorstep. Apparently we do our job well.
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3D Printing in Medway, Reprappro monomendel, PLA and ABS, Range of colours. www.matthewbeddow.co.uk
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We provide exceptional quality & detail with our Form 1+ NICE TO MEET YOU! Thanks for stopping by our hub. We have the awesome Form 1+ which is incredible for really fast and durable parts combined with the capability of producing layer thicknesses of 25 Microns for exceptional detail. If you need help with your CAD data we are highly experienced 3D CAD modellers and offer our expertise as a great service for you to use. We also can help you with: -High quality SLA parts with great detail and durability -Character Models -Functional Prototypes -3D CAD Design & Development Service
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- Ultimaker Standard - Print space 20cmx20cmx20cm https://www.ultimaker.com/pages/our-printers/ultimaker-original
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Which material should I use?

  • Great starter material: affordable, durable and widely available. Mostly used for prototyping mechanical parts and designs that don’t have a lot of overhang. Available in all colors.
  • UV-cured resin prints sport fine details, sharp edges and smooth finish. Color availability is limited, but it is easily paintable and can be semi-translucent.
  • Perfect all-rounder. Easy design rules, strong and slightly flexible. Allows for functional end products and complex designs. Surface is a bit grainy, but can be polished and dyed.
  • Gypsum with colored texture on the surface. The best choice for photo-realistic, full color prints. Ideal for professional models, architecture, product design and fine arts.

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