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We can do custom designs for anything. Experience in printing small and big objects. Fast production.
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Madejust4u offers a high quality and professional 3D Printing Service, all which is required from you, is your STL or OBJ file! Once I receive STL file and your requirements I can give an instant quote and I will advise you what machine will be best for your design/item, along with an estimate on how long the file will take to print as well as a finalised price. Collection welcome (from East London) or delivered to you within 1 to 2 working days, if needed same day this can be arranged just contact me first – can’t get any easier than that!
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SolidPrint Ltd is a Hertfordshire based mechanical design & 3D printing specialist. Using the latest Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools and Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) additive manufacturing technologies we can design and produce low volume, high quality concepts, prototypes and end products at affordable prices.
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Currently print objects up to 310mm x 290mm x 150mm or 200mm x 230mm x 270mm. Mostly print in PLA as it doesn't shrink as bad as ABS, but can print in ABS too. Infill would normally be up to 50%, but if the part has to be lighter or heavier we can discuss it. I can print layers from 0.10mm up to 0.30mm. Thinner layer = better vertical resolution, slower print, slightly weaker parts, thicker layer = lower vertical resolution, faster print, slightly stronger parts. My default layer is 0.20mm, but again, this can be discussed.
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Which material should I use?

  • Great starter material: affordable, durable and widely available. Mostly used for prototyping mechanical parts and designs that don’t have a lot of overhang. Available in all colors.
  • UV-cured resin prints sport fine details, sharp edges and smooth finish. Color availability is limited, but it is easily paintable and can be semi-translucent.
  • Perfect all-rounder. Easy design rules, strong and slightly flexible. Allows for functional end products and complex designs. Surface is a bit grainy, but can be polished and dyed.
  • Gypsum with colored texture on the surface. The best choice for photo-realistic, full color prints. Ideal for professional models, architecture, product design and fine arts.

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