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Why 3D Hubs?

I was able to easily connect with Hubs close to campus, which meant I could get my project printed with a tight 2 day deadline.

Portrait of Omar Rada from Misen Kitchen
UCSD (University of California at UCSD)

Not only was the quality great, but my 25% student discount meant 3D Hubs was also the most affordable way to print my prototype.

Portrait of Omar Rada from Misen Kitchen
Queen Mary University of London

With so many material options I was able to experiment with different materials to best suit my project.

Portrait of Omar Rada from Misen Kitchen
The New School Parsons


Our aim is to support students in building strong foundations in digital manufacturing early on.

We've created plenty of resources for your classes, we can support in starting your own University Hub, including an easy-to-use order management system to manage the 3D printers for your school.

If your school doesn't have 3D printers, we're here to help. Our community is ready to meet student project deadlines at all times. Contact one of our Education Managers to find out how we can help you.